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1149Re: [pittscomicon] My view on the con.

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  • Jim Balent Studios
    Mar 3, 2008
      here here!
      we don't do NY....

      norvandell wrote:

      I go to the con as a guest artist every year, and over the years,
      I have noticed from time to time, the lack of certain guests and
      sometimes fewer vendors.

      Thing is, some of those vendors, have bought mulitple spaces and
      have expanded from years prior, to try to sell more. As for the
      guests, yes there are other cons who get bigger guests and more of
      them, but there is a cost in getting them to come to the show.

      Its hard when some of the "Wizard" shows try everything in their
      power to out trump the smaller cons in getting guests, which is
      difficult, when you as an organizer, have to go to many of those
      above cons the year before to try to invite guests to your show the
      following year.

      I saw Renee in Baltimore this past Sept., doing this very same
      thing, talking to guests and vendors to come out to a show thats not
      as big as SD or a Chicago or New York. The bigger cons do have bigger
      budgets to help with bringing in the big names from the mecca of
      comic artists, California and New York.

      Tan was at the Pitt show back a few years ago, and since then,
      Wizard, has taken over some of the cons across the country, and
      turned them from a more traditional comic con, to more of a multi-
      media event.

      I attended the first show Wizard did in Chicago, and while it was
      big, Pitt was much more relaxed. These bigger cons, have had to rely
      on the multi-media aspect to bring in the people, while Pitt has been
      able to keep the show more traditional and artist friendly, and the
      same high quality.

      The Georges have brought in wrestlers and actors over the years,
      but have also managed to have keep it to what I think a show should
      be. I do want more vendors, so there is a better selection of
      goodies, and I'm sure that the show will grow with time. Its still a
      young con in comparison.

      Something that most people don't realize, is that other con
      organizers come to Pitt every year to see how a good show is run, and
      take that back to their show. Some of the best shows you'll ever go
      to, will be like Pitt. Its when the show goes coporate, and turns
      into a Wizard con, that I'll stop going.

      Sure, save your money for SD, and spend about a half years wage
      too. Its MORE money to get in, to sleep in a hotel and eat, and
      you'll wait hours in line to get Jim Lee's autograph, only to find
      out he went home hours ago.

      If it weren't for the arists, would there even be a show?

      Tod Allen Smith
      2008 guest
      from Altoona Pa.

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