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1128Comicon Update

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  • comiconguy
    Feb 29, 2008
      Hello folks, the Comicon website will be updated in the next week but
      here is a copy of the email update that will soon be going out as a
      preview of what you can expect!!!!!


      Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls and all the ships at sea,

      It's time for another Comicon Update.

      Sorry it's been awhile since my last update, but we've been finishing
      up on the Convention Newspaper. You should be receiving yours any day
      If you aren't on the mailing list don't hesitate to email your mailing
      address to: pcomicon@... and we'll get you added right away.

      So what new guests can you expect:

      • How about Battlestar Galactica's Chief Tyrol, Aaron Douglas
      appearing for the first time in Pittsburgh?

      • and How about Ghost Hunter International's Brian Harnios?

      • Lastly from the media guest category, we have: "Fighting Crime
      One-Donut at a Time", Who Wants to Be A Superhero's Fat Momma;

      We have also added 40+ others guests from throughout the comics industry.

      Two guests that made it just a smidge too late to be included in the
      flyer, include:

      • Writer of Guy Gardner, Wyonna Earp and the new 24:Cold Warriors
      Graphic Novel, comic's toughman, Beau Smith

      and classic actor from many Ed Wood productions and various horror
      films, Conrad Brooks.

      We have also just added our events schedule, a partial gaming schedule
      and new auction stuff;

      You can check it all out at www.pittsburghcomicon.com

      We do have two cancellations to announce: We regret that scheduling
      changes will preclude Ken Foree and Brian Pulido from making it
      Pittsburgh Comicon 2008, but we hope to see them again in coming years.

      That's it for now but you can count on more exciting stuff coming up,

      ...........and the show goes on!!

      Patrick Thomas
      Marketing Director - Pittsburgh Comicon

      Pittsburgh Comicon
      April 25, 26, 27, 2008
      Pittsburgh Expomart - Monroeville, PA
      1002 Graham Ave.
      Windber, PA 15963


      So once the update is up you go can check out all the new goodies, but
      I'm always glad to make the fanboard, the first in the know.

      Talk to you soon, Patrick
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