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1117Re: [pittscomicon] COMICON 2008 UPDATE

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    Jan 11, 2008
      Thanks for the big update, I think I will be making my hotel reservation  very soon.Speaking of which Will the Radisson be offering a deal for the comicon visitors?

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      Subject: [pittscomicon] COMICON 2008 UPDATE


      This is our first update of the New Year and it is a big one. We just
      added around 20 new guests to the website, and we'll have plenty more
      in the coming days. This update, however, has a something for
      everyone including superstar Comic guests, our first Star Wars
      announcement of 2008 and a heap of horror for you zombifiles.

      First Up is our favorite dynamic duo of......

      • JIM BALENT and HOLLY G! of Broadsword Comics. There are no two
      comic book guests more devoted to their fans than Holly and Jim. If
      you've never met them in person, this IS your opportunity.

      Secondly we are happy to have back in the burgh,

      • MICHAEL TURNER* and ASPEN ENTERTAINMENT - This fan favorite artist
      draws a crowd wherever he goes and we are always glad to have him back.

      • Star Wars Fans can look forward to the ultimate Star Wars villain,
      Darth Vader making his way to the Steel City in April, as
      DAVID PROWSE* - The man behind the mask appears at Comicon 2008.

      and Horror Fans can look forward to:

      • KEN FOREE of DAWN OF THE DEAD and more recently, THE DEVIL REJECTS;
      and fellow Dawn Alumni,
      TOM SAVINI, Special Effects Wizard and actor most recently seen in
      Robert Rodriguez PLANET TERROR:
      Both appearing the Pittsburgh to celebrate both our 15th Anniversary
      and Dawn of the Dead's 30th Anniversary! !!

      For all the current updates check out www.pittsburghcomic on.com

      and while you are there check out the updates to the CHARITY AUCTION
      page as we've added 5 items generously donated by our friend RON

      There are so many other things just on the cusp of announcability that
      it kills me not to tell you yet, but please stay tuned, I'll have more
      for you soon!!!

      Let your hearts not be troubled, I assure you there will be an
      EXPOMART and a HOTEL in MONROEVILLE for the show!!! Any contruction
      will not be underway until May or June, so we won't be having the show
      in the parking lot. :)

      Talk to you all soon

      Patrick A. Thomas
      Marketing Director - Pittsburgh Comicon

      * please note that the appearances of Michael Turner and David Prowse
      are contingent on their health. David due to a planned hip surgery in
      February and Michael due to ongoing treatments. Both are very
      committed to being here in April and we look forward to seeing them both.

      Pittsburgh Comicon
      April 25, 26, 27, 2008
      Pittsburgh Expomart - Monroeville, PA
      www.pittsburghcomic on.com
      pcomicon@floodcity. net
      1002 Graham Ave.
      Windber, PA 15963

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