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1114Relax the show is at the same place

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  • batmiteforever
    Jan 7, 2008
      Some people have been worried about the Expo mart and I just wanted to
      say I talked with someone Saturday who is an orginizer for the
      Pittsburgh Comicon. She told me as I bought my comic books (hmmm) that
      the show will be at the same place and that construction does not start
      until May. Not sure (but I can guess) why Tekkoshocon fans(probably not
      affiliated) would want to get Pitt con patrons worried about the status
      of the show.
      Oh well, she also told me an update of guests is coming soon and while
      I was in the store she was on the phone with an announced guest who is
      coming and if you do some detective work (check posts here) you should
      be able to figure out two more guests. Gee good luck with that and I
      can't wait until april!