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1112Re: Expo Mart re-do?

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  • axxinjaxxin
    Jan 1, 2008
      Well, since Tekkoshocon has had to move, and their convention is only
      two weeks before ours, and they get fewer attendees than us, I get the
      feeling we'll be moving locations over to the Greentree Radisson as well.

      I find it hard to believe, though, that a convention as big as Comicon
      is going to be able to find enough hotels in the nearby vicinity for
      the overflow for as many people as it brings in on the far side of
      Pittsburgh. I've been known to be wrong on that, though =)

      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, Jim Balent Studios <holly@...> wrote:
      > relax...It'll be at the Hotel it has always been at....
      > Holly
      > norvandell wrote:
      > > Called the Expo mart this morning, and I was told to call back after
      > > Jan 2nd, to confirm what and when anything is going to happen.
      > >
      > > What I find hard to believe at this point, is that anything needs to
      > > be done to the Expo mart at all. Most people forget too, that other
      > > companies use the offices in the Expo mart. Not to mention the fact
      > > that it was just re-carpeted what, 3 years ago now.
      > >
      > > The person I did talk to, also said that at this point buisness will
      > > go forwards as usual, and IF demo were to occur, other arrangements
      > > would be made for already booked events.
      > >
      > > We must realize to, for those of you wondering about the lack of web
      > > site updates, that this will happen from time to time, and when there
      > > is updates, they'll post those as soon as they can. There was just
      > > one a few days ago.
      > >
      > > The con should go on, whether in Monroeville, or at another venue
      > > near by. Lets all just be calm, and let things happen at their own
      > > pace. If anything, you may just have a little more driving to do to
      > > get to where ever the show is.
      > >
      > >
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