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1054More info on Dec 8th Xmas event..... and Roles needed to be filled.

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  • Gene Fenton
    Oct 3, 2007

      Hey Gang!!
      Glad to hear from some of you already excited about the next event.
      Its going to Rock. Im meeting with the club Tuesday. They want to help
      with advertising and promoting this time around. They are very excited
      about this next one after what we did last. Im doing measurments for
      our sets and seeing to what extent we can push thier sound and
      lighting equipment to do what I want. Here is my vision, its going to
      be a Halloween themed Xmas event. Think in the spirit of Tim Burtons
      Nightmare Before Xmas. Think victorian fetish, Opera, goth, and sexy
      halloween costumes. Thats what I will be asking our guest to wear.
      Although slightly inspired by Burton my "Nightmare before the
      Nutcracker" piece is no shape or form a copy of Nighmare before Xmas.
      Its very unique and very Fucked up. Im keeping the lid tight on the
      details but I will have scripts available at our next
      get-together/ meeting that will happen soon. It will also require a
      real rehearsal to put together. At least one.
      I will still be needing you girls to be FFI dancers just as I always
      will!! I love you guys and you ad to the atmosphere I want at the
      events. You guys Rock hard!!
      For those who want to be a little more showcased and dance on stage
      during the performance here is what I need. In the Nutcraker suite
      there are several themed Ballete performances. I think one is Russian,
      one spanish, etc etc. What I want is to update this a bit. I want
      themed dances and Id like to go a bit sexier. I need about 4 dances to
      go in the performance. So please let me know if you can belly dance,
      pole dance like a striper, or if you have a special dance you would
      like to perform. Perhaps you even have a special musical piece/song to
      perform too. If so please let me know and I will see if I can work it
      in. Or perhaps its not all that sexy but its far out. Like if anyone
      has seen the movie "The Producers" there is a Nazi themed dance with
      sexy Nazi uniformed chic dancers. Remember I like to go for surprise,
      maybe a little shock, often a little humor thrown in. So if you have
      an idea and can perform it Please run it past me!!
      I plan to have it work out like this:
      Doors 9
      Act 1 10
      Band immediatly following
      Break/DJ/ give aways
      Act 2
      Break/DJ/ raffles
      Rest of night DJ
      close 2am
      Also below is a list of parts and characters I need filled. If your
      interested in any please let me know ASAP. We wont be able to just
      wing it as much as we did last time so I need to know ASAP who is
      doing what. The list of roles I need filled are:

      -Cover Model

      Support Rules
      -Production assistant (will help me direct, give ques, etc etc during
      the performance)
      -Stage Hands

      Speaking Roles
      -Claira/Lead Lady (Will be needed entire performance, wont mind (or
      may enjoy) receveing a flogging or two)

      -Uncle/Lead Villain (Will be needed entire performance)

      -Prince/Nutcraker/ Hero/Lead Guy 2 (Will be needed entire performance,
      wont mind (or may enjoy) receveing a flogging or two)

      -Villain's Hench Woman (needed entire performance)
      -Villain's Hench Man/or Woman #2 (needed entire performance)

      Non-speaking Roles (needed only for a short walk on or two and one
      person may have multiple roles)
      -Claira's Parents
      -Party Guests
      -Mice (4 or 5 girls needed here)
      -Mice/Rat King
      -Madame Giry
      -Darth Vader
      -Obi Wan
      -Mr. Sulu (Yes you read right. I said this was fucked up:)
      -Male Police Officer
      -Male Construction worker
      -Male Indian

      Same deal as before. I will provide what costuming I can and what ever
      fetish wear or costuming you can provide is appreciated! !!

      Ok thats it. Of course I still need my usual dancers, lei girls, tour
      guides, and support staff. Without you guys I couldnt make any of this
      happen!!! Thanks. Oh and if anyone can do a little music editing or
      vidoe editing for me please let me know!! Im contacting Bands this
      week to book them!! Ill let you all know who I get ASAP!!
      Im so fuckin excited!!! See you all soon and let me know who wants to
      do what!!

      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/FetishFant asyIsland
      or our Myspace:
      www.myspace.com/ fetishfantasyisl and
      and keep up to date on what to unexpect next!!
      Thanks again!
      Your Host,