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1044Re:9/11/07 Update on Mike

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  • Chad "Space Ghost" Wilson
    Sep 11, 2007
      Thanks for the update. On Sunday I saw Renee at the Baltimore
      Comicon. She looked good and told me they were fighting "this thing"
      and were taking it one day at a time. She also commented that she
      thought she needed to be at the show to make a strong showing for the
      Pittsburgh Comicon. And there defiantly was! I saw an 8 1/2 x 11
      sheet with a large XV on it, and some small colorful postcards with
      Supergirl and, I believe, Power Girl that said the Pittsburgh Comicon
      welcomes you with open arms! There was also a picture at one of the
      booths of the Captain America and Black Widow Zombie picture with the
      Pittsburgh Comicon name and date on it. That looked really cool,
      seeing as how popular the Marvel Zombies are. I have a feeling Marvel
      Zombies will make a big impact on the 2008 comicon (flyers, programs
      books, etc).
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