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1024Re: [pittscomicon] Nothing new to report today about Mike

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  • Lisa Davis
    Aug 10, 2007
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      I was wanting to know....If by chance that they DO find him guilty and have to send him back to Michigan?....What will happen to the PittsComicon now?

      DUGGER <dugger_rockz@...> wrote:
      Well, I hope he is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be innocent, and they find out exactly who the culprit is.

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      I have a friend, who wrote the artical for CBR.com, and he says that
      so far nothing new to report.

      The Extridition, will be a seperate trial that the Michigan
      authorities will have to fight here. Basically, if Mike wins, theres a
      very good chance that all will go in his favor. Michigan, will have to
      prove beyond a doubt, that Mike did what they are claiming. If that
      happens, then mike will go to Michigan where another trial for the
      charges will occur.

      If Michigan can't prove the charges, they can't take him back. Now I'm
      no lawyer, but from what I understand, sounds like things are very
      encouraging for Mike right now.

      Has anyone been by the store to see if they're open?. I would rather
      get my comics from Comics World than think that they are closed before
      asking, than not get my books at all.


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