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1017Re: Arrested for 17 year-old murder???

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  • Chaz
    Aug 8, 2007
      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, R Howard <thezeppo1138@...> wrote:
      > I could not have said this better.
      > I was shocked and sickened when I read this news yesterday, but I'm sure my reaction
      pales in comparison to what Renee and their seven children are going through, particularly
      his two daughters to his first wife. Regardless of the outcome of this case, our thoughts
      and prayers should certainly be with all of them.
      > I have been a customer, and more importantly a friend of Mike's and Renee's since they
      opened their Windber store in 1993. I've vacationed with them, babysat their children and
      for the last 12 years helped them run the Pittsburgh Comicon. In all that time, there is not
      a single incident, comment or experience I could point to that would make me suspect
      Mike was capable of something like this. In my experience he has been a loving family
      man, an upstanding and involved member of the community, and a good friend.
      > I'm obviously very curious what evidence and/or testimony has come to light to cause
      the police to move on this after 17 years, but I certainly hope it is all a mistake. Unless he
      would confess to the crime, or is proven guilty in a court of law, I choose to believe Mike is
      innocent, but I do hope Barbara's killer is eventually brought to justice.
      > No, I don't know what this holds for the future of the convention, and I don't think any
      of us will for quite a while. Obviously this will be very damaging to Mike's reputation even
      if he is eventually aquitted. I hope it's not the end of the Comicon, but it's difficult to
      imagine Renee running the show by herself, even with the support of the staff. Let's all
      think positive thoughts and hope for the best.
      > ---------------------------------
      > Take the Internet to Go: Yahoo!Go puts the Internet in your pocket: mail, news, photos &
      I only got to talk to the Georges here and there, but they were always very nice people. I
      think this is shocking for us all. We love this con (I've gone to everyone with my buddy
      Dave, it's a ritual for us), and it was well known how much the Georges loved doing it for
      us. I hope we can get updates on the events to come. And I agree, until proven guilty, Mike
      is innocent. And that the killer is brought to justice. If you pray, prayers for Renee and the
      children can't hurt. I hope someone will let them know that we all are thinking of them.
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