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1008Re: [pittscomicon] Re: Arrested for 17 year-old murder???

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    Aug 7, 2007
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      DAMN! I am  stunned like everyone else, We have had lunch a couple times during the Con and I dont think anyone could ask to meet a nicer person, same goes for his wife, I hope this isnt true, but from everything I have read it is difficult to think otherwise.

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      I still cannot get the link to work, must be a firewall issue.

      I'm still in shock. Thanks for posting the additional articles, I
      had already seen the one in the Tribune Democrap.

      My prayers are with Renee and their kids right now. I cannot even
      imagine how difficult this must be for them all.

      --- In pittscomicon@ yahoogroups. com, "Chaz" <chaz_i_am@. ..> wrote:
      > This is some disturbing news.
      > The link isn't dead, you have to copy & paste the entire link into
      your browser. There is a
      > video which takes a while to load, and theres an ad that comes on
      > http://www.myfoxdet roit.com/ myfox/pages/ News/Detail?
      > contentId=3992170& version=1& locale=EN-
      US&layoutCode= VSTY&pageId= 3.2.1
      > Here's another artical I found about this:
      > Comic-store owner accused of murder
      > The Tribune-Democrat
      > WINDBER — The owner of a comic-book store has been charged with
      the execution-style
      > murder of his wife 17 years ago – an arrest that is reverberating
      through the borough.
      > Michael Ralph George, 46, owner of Comics World in Windber, is
      charged by police in
      > Clinton Township, Mich., with killing his then-wife, Barbara Marie
      George, in July 1990.
      > The 32-year-old' s body was found by customers in the back of the
      couple's Michigan
      > store – also Comics World – and $30,000 worth of comic books were
      taken, according to
      > The Macomb Daily.
      > She died of a single shot to the head from a .38-caliber gun.
      > Barbara George was killed after closing the store to prepare a
      surprise birthday party for
      > husband, then 30, the report said.
      > The couple had two small children.
      > Investigators from Michigan were in Somerset County last week
      continuing their
      > investigation, Somerset County District Attorney Jerry Spangler
      > Spangler could not say what led investigators to George, 17 years
      > "Obviously, there must have been some recent developments, " he said.
      > George was picked up Saturday by state police in the 1000 block of
      Graham Avenue,
      > where his store is.
      > He surrendered without incident, state police Cpl. Jeffrey Doman
      > George was arraigned by on-call District Judge Joseph Cannoni of
      Windber on a fugitive
      > warrant and sent to the Somerset County Jail without bond.
      > It could not immediately be determined whether he has an attorney.
      > George, who since has remarried, is expected to have an extradition
      hearing this week
      > before a Somerset County judge. After that, Spangler said, George
      will be taken to
      > Michigan to stand trial for homicide and possession of a firearm to
      commit a felony.
      > Several Windber business owners declined to talk about George on
      Monday. Residents,
      > though, said he is a friendly neighbor who refereed youth
      basketball and allowed children
      > to play video games in the store.
      > "I was shocked when I heard about it," one man said. "You never
      would have suspected it."
      > At the time of the murder, police theorized the shooter was
      familiar with classic comic
      > books and the trading card industry because of the value of the
      items taken.
      > Barbara George was killed at point-blank range in what authorities
      called an "execution-
      > style" method, The Macomb Daily said. She was shot in the top of
      the head – which
      > indicated she was sitting or kneeling at the time of the shooting,
      the report said.
      > Clinton Township police are remaining tight-lipped about the case
      and did not return a
      > telephone call for comment.
      > Comics World in Windber was closed Monday.
      > The only other stuff that the video said that's not in this artical
      was that M.r George was
      > going through a divorce at the time of the murder. Plus that Mr.
      George's current wife who
      > was his girlfriend at the time, left her husband and children and
      came to Windber with Mr.
      > George.
      > Here's another article:
      > Husband arrested in 1990 comic store slaying
      > Victim's husband taken into custody in Pennsylvania on homicide
      > By Mitch Hotts
      > Macomb Daily Staff Writer
      > Macomb County authorities are expected to announce today an arrest
      in the 17-year-old
      > slaying of a Macomb Township woman who was killed "execution style"
      in the comic book
      > store she co-owned with her husband.
      > Advertisement
      > Barbara Marie George was planning a surprise birthday party for her
      husband when she
      > was killed in July 1990 in the former Comics World store in Venice
      Square Mall on Garfield
      > Road in Clinton Township.
      > Her husband, Michael Ralph George, was arrested Saturday in
      Windber, Pa., according to
      > documents obtained by The Macomb Daily.
      > "We picked him up in a local business without any problems and he
      was not armed," said
      > Cpl. Jeffrey Doman of the Pennsylvania State Police.
      > Investigators did not disclose a motive in the slaying or what led
      to a break in the case
      > that resulted in the arrest.
      > According to a police criminal complaint, Pennsylvania police took
      George into custody
      > based on an arrest warrant for homicide filed by Clinton Township
      police in 41B District
      > Court on Saturday.
      > Lt. Craig Keith of the Clinton Township police department was in
      Pennsylvania on Monday
      > arranging for the suspect to be extradited to Michigan, officials
      > The Macomb County Prosecutor's Office on Monday declined to release
      details of the
      > incident. Ben Liston, chief of staff for the prosecutor's office,
      said investigators were still
      > interviewing witnesses and awaiting results of a ballistics test
      before commenting.
      > It wasn't immediately clear how long Michael George had been
      residing in Windber or
      > whether he was employed.
      > Clinton Township police in 1990 said they believed at the time that
      whoever killed Mrs.
      > George knew her and was familiar with the comic book and baseball
      card industry.
      > Barbara George, a 32-year-old mother of two daughters, was found
      shot to death in the
      > back of her store. Police determined about $30,000 worth of comic
      books was missing
      > from the store.
      > Retired Macomb County Medical Examiner Dr. Werner Spitz at the time
      indicated Mrs.
      > George had been shot in the top of her head, which meant she had
      been sitting down or
      > kneeling when she was attacked.
      > She had closed the comic book store to prepare for a surprise
      birthday party for her
      > husband, who was turning 30. Two longtime customers came into the
      store that night and
      > found her body in a rear storage room.
      > Investigators in July of 1990 said Michael George was supposed to
      pick up his wife from
      > the store and go out to dinner before returning to the store for a
      surprise celebration with
      > friends, neighbors and employees.
      > Although Clinton Township detectives initially suspected robbery
      was the motive, comic
      > book industry experts agreed while robberies do happen, rarely does
      anyone die over the
      > magazines.
      > Mrs. George's father, Dr. Peter Kowynia, who has offices in Clinton
      Township and Grosse
      > Pointe Woods, could not be reached for comment Monday evening.
      > Husband arrested in 1990 comic store slaying
      > Victim's husband taken into custody in Pennsylvania on homicide
      > By Mitch Hotts
      > --- In pittscomicon@ yahoogroups. com, "Betsy Richard"
      <betsyjayne1973@ > wrote:
      > >
      > > This is a dead link, but I just heard something to that effect on
      > > Froogy 95 news this morning. I couldn't make out the details,
      > > office copier was running and I couldn't hear very well.
      > >
      > > Needless to say, I almost puked my breakfast all over my desk.
      > > cannot possibly be true.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > --- In pittscomicon@ yahoogroups. com, "qrychepgh" <qrychepgh@>
      > > >
      > > > Michael George arrested for murder???
      > > >
      > > > http://www.myfoxdet roit.com/ myfox/pages/ News/Detail?
      > > > contentId=3992170& version=1& locale=EN-
      US&layoutCode= VSTY&pageId= 3.2.1
      > > >
      > >

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