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1005Re: Arrested for 17 year-old murder???

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  • Chaz
    Aug 7, 2007
      This is some disturbing news.
      The link isn't dead, you have to copy & paste the entire link into your browser. There is a
      video which takes a while to load, and theres an ad that comes on first.
      Here's another artical I found about this:

      Comic-store owner accused of murder

      The Tribune-Democrat
      WINDBER — The owner of a comic-book store has been charged with the execution-style
      murder of his wife 17 years ago – an arrest that is reverberating through the borough.

      Michael Ralph George, 46, owner of Comics World in Windber, is charged by police in
      Clinton Township, Mich., with killing his then-wife, Barbara Marie George, in July 1990.

      The 32-year-old's body was found by customers in the back of the couple's Michigan
      store – also Comics World – and $30,000 worth of comic books were taken, according to
      The Macomb Daily.

      She died of a single shot to the head from a .38-caliber gun.

      Barbara George was killed after closing the store to prepare a surprise birthday party for
      husband, then 30, the report said.

      The couple had two small children.

      Investigators from Michigan were in Somerset County last week continuing their
      investigation, Somerset County District Attorney Jerry Spangler said.

      Spangler could not say what led investigators to George, 17 years later.

      "Obviously, there must have been some recent developments," he said.

      George was picked up Saturday by state police in the 1000 block of Graham Avenue,
      where his store is.

      He surrendered without incident, state police Cpl. Jeffrey Doman said.

      George was arraigned by on-call District Judge Joseph Cannoni of Windber on a fugitive
      warrant and sent to the Somerset County Jail without bond.

      It could not immediately be determined whether he has an attorney.

      George, who since has remarried, is expected to have an extradition hearing this week
      before a Somerset County judge. After that, Spangler said, George will be taken to
      Michigan to stand trial for homicide and possession of a firearm to commit a felony.

      Several Windber business owners declined to talk about George on Monday. Residents,
      though, said he is a friendly neighbor who refereed youth basketball and allowed children
      to play video games in the store.

      "I was shocked when I heard about it," one man said. "You never would have suspected it."

      At the time of the murder, police theorized the shooter was familiar with classic comic
      books and the trading card industry because of the value of the items taken.

      Barbara George was killed at point-blank range in what authorities called an "execution-
      style" method, The Macomb Daily said. She was shot in the top of the head – which
      indicated she was sitting or kneeling at the time of the shooting, the report said.

      Clinton Township police are remaining tight-lipped about the case and did not return a
      telephone call for comment.

      Comics World in Windber was closed Monday.
      The only other stuff that the video said that's not in this artical was that M.r George was
      going through a divorce at the time of the murder. Plus that Mr. George's current wife who
      was his girlfriend at the time, left her husband and children and came to Windber with Mr.
      Here's another article:
      Husband arrested in 1990 comic store slaying

      Victim's husband taken into custody in Pennsylvania on homicide charges.

      By Mitch Hotts
      Macomb Daily Staff Writer

      Macomb County authorities are expected to announce today an arrest in the 17-year-old
      slaying of a Macomb Township woman who was killed "execution style" in the comic book
      store she co-owned with her husband.

      Barbara Marie George was planning a surprise birthday party for her husband when she
      was killed in July 1990 in the former Comics World store in Venice Square Mall on Garfield
      Road in Clinton Township.

      Her husband, Michael Ralph George, was arrested Saturday in Windber, Pa., according to
      documents obtained by The Macomb Daily.

      "We picked him up in a local business without any problems and he was not armed," said
      Cpl. Jeffrey Doman of the Pennsylvania State Police.

      Investigators did not disclose a motive in the slaying or what led to a break in the case
      that resulted in the arrest.

      According to a police criminal complaint, Pennsylvania police took George into custody
      based on an arrest warrant for homicide filed by Clinton Township police in 41B District
      Court on Saturday.

      Lt. Craig Keith of the Clinton Township police department was in Pennsylvania on Monday
      arranging for the suspect to be extradited to Michigan, officials said.

      The Macomb County Prosecutor's Office on Monday declined to release details of the
      incident. Ben Liston, chief of staff for the prosecutor's office, said investigators were still
      interviewing witnesses and awaiting results of a ballistics test before commenting.

      It wasn't immediately clear how long Michael George had been residing in Windber or
      whether he was employed.

      Clinton Township police in 1990 said they believed at the time that whoever killed Mrs.
      George knew her and was familiar with the comic book and baseball card industry.

      Barbara George, a 32-year-old mother of two daughters, was found shot to death in the
      back of her store. Police determined about $30,000 worth of comic books was missing
      from the store.

      Retired Macomb County Medical Examiner Dr. Werner Spitz at the time indicated Mrs.
      George had been shot in the top of her head, which meant she had been sitting down or
      kneeling when she was attacked.

      She had closed the comic book store to prepare for a surprise birthday party for her
      husband, who was turning 30. Two longtime customers came into the store that night and
      found her body in a rear storage room.

      Investigators in July of 1990 said Michael George was supposed to pick up his wife from
      the store and go out to dinner before returning to the store for a surprise celebration with
      friends, neighbors and employees.

      Although Clinton Township detectives initially suspected robbery was the motive, comic
      book industry experts agreed while robberies do happen, rarely does anyone die over the

      Mrs. George's father, Dr. Peter Kowynia, who has offices in Clinton Township and Grosse
      Pointe Woods, could not be reached for comment Monday evening.

      Husband arrested in 1990 comic store slaying

      Victim's husband taken into custody in Pennsylvania on homicide charges.
      By Mitch Hotts

      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "Betsy Richard" <betsyjayne1973@...> wrote:
      > This is a dead link, but I just heard something to that effect on
      > Froogy 95 news this morning. I couldn't make out the details, the
      > office copier was running and I couldn't hear very well.
      > Needless to say, I almost puked my breakfast all over my desk. This
      > cannot possibly be true.
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      > > Michael George arrested for murder???
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      > > http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/myfox/pages/News/Detail?
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