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1Am I the first one here?

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  • varicamj
    Jun 6, 2007
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      Does anybody have any experience with any BIG video projectors?

      It looks like we may have the largest screen in Pittsburgh for the
      screening. I have a contact with Azcar, a Panasonic dealer, and I am
      going to be asking for a top-of-the line projector. 10,000 lumen lamp
      output with roughly 62 lux on the screen from a throw of about 80 feet.

      Don't want to ask for overkill, but I want to project the best
      possible quality.

      I realize many, if not all films, will originate on Mini-DV, but I
      figure that a big projector is going to impove the viewing, not
      highlight the flaws in the format.

      I don't expect to fill this massive screen intended for 35mm
      projection, but I want to show the films in the best way possible so
      any ideas, experience or contacts will be a help.

      I got 2 "Support" level sponsor checks which I gave to Rick and am
      working on more...Mark Cuban didn't return my e-mail.

      If the Star Cinemas right-off I-79 in Bridgevill, does end up as the
      place all of our activity, don't ask Rick for directions.

      I have a doorway dolly...no track...I will donate the use of it to the
      first team to confirm they want it. Must pick up on 8/2.