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  • breakthrough73
    Abbreviated Version of my Epiphany Event It is through Success, positive contributions and most importantly through the women that we will succeed, not through
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2004
      Abbreviated Version of my Epiphany Event

      It is through Success, positive contributions and most importantly
      through the women that we will succeed, not through violence, hate,
      and other negatives.

      Lulled into acceptance through my job and watching the world go by
      on the 24 hours live news channels I was hopelessly lost in the fog
      of everyday life. Like many I had feelings of disgust about the way
      that the Blacks, other minorities and Semites conducted their lives
      but was afraid of the ridicule and turned off by the images of those
      who spoke out. Then after a particularly nasty encounter it
      suddenly became clear. Clear like the wind had blown away the fog
      and the sun shown through. I could see for miles. Many of the
      ideas I could not even express in words but suddenly it came into
      focus. How we the Caucasian people are and always have been the
      ones that have forwarded society and how we now must shake off the
      leaches and strive forward. Not wasting the energy on hate or
      loosing our best and brightest to prisons. In today's live news
      coverage guilt, innocence, right and wrong are decided in the media
      of public opinion and that is where we must begin and were we must
      win. No amount of violence towards the niggers or Jews could hope
      to equal the effect of one or 2 good sound bites about a pro-
      Caucasian group that revitalizes a neighborhood or helps build a
      park. If we are to win today it must be in the court of public
      opinion. I reference the struggles of George Lincoln Rockwell who
      despite great sacrifice and perseverance was unable to rally many to
      his cause. The reason for this I believe is 2 fold. A negative
      message gets old and is increasingly difficult to attract new
      followers. And possibly the most importantly, the lack of female
      support. It will be nothing less than critical to our success in
      the rise of this "2nd American Revolution" that we have not only the
      support or women, but the active participation, recruitment, and
      assistance in leadership of women.

      Positive Contributions -

      We must help the downtrodden white people of America. We
      must do so without talking negatively about our enemy, it makes us
      look bad. We must help them fix their homes, with food, with


      We must compile records of our successes and do our best to
      be sure that the media gets wind of them.

      Women -

      We mush have women 100% active in all events and in all
      leadership decisions. We must include them as equals. Only women
      can recruit women, and only women can bear the children that are the
      future to our movement and mankind. Only Women can calm the rage of
      a man who wishes to do the mud people harm and help him to
      reallocate that energy to the greater goals in a positive manner.



      People so often grow tired of hate

      Violence -

      Lands the vast majority of us in Jail or prison. We need to be
      landing many of us in state and local governments instead. In
      teaching positions, preaching positions

      The Niggers and Jews have been spouting for years that there is some
      big conspiracy against them. To the point now that most of the
      public is tired of hearing it. In essence they have cried wolf for
      so long that few will hear their call if there is such a group.
      Especially if that group is obviously doing good for many people.
      Like any charity organization we may choose whom to help. Lord
      knows there are plenty of groups for the niggers and Jews how about
      one for us. We don't even want to say that it is for that fact we
      just only help white Christians and that is all there is to it. WE
      say that we refuse to release the names of those we help out of
      respect for their privacy.

      All we need to succeed is HONOR & LOYALTY

      There is sooo much more that I have written on this and so much left
      for me to write and believe me I am working on it! For now I want
      to get feedback and responses from those who are also in this
      struggle. Please send all feedback to skinriffic@... or
      breakthrough73@... directly as my lady does not agree with the
      whole Caucasian superiority thing" as she puts it.
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