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Re: [Pipe smokers] The replacement Dunhill arrived!

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  • Peter Davies
    ... From: Dylan Gladstone To: Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 8:26 PM Subject: [Pipe smokers] The
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      Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 8:26 PM
      Subject: [Pipe smokers] The replacement Dunhill arrived!

      > And in mint condition! (WHEW!)
      > What was most surprising is how different this group 3 prince was from
      > the other group 3 prince. The new one is much larger, and more
      > precisely crafted. I wasn't aware that there could be this much size
      > variation within Dunhill's groups.
      > The shank to bit joint was just SLIGHTLY off on the 1st pipe. You
      > could see a hairline of light through one side. This is typical of
      > almost all the pipes I own, so I wasn't surprised. But this 2nd
      > Dunhill is absolutely perfect.
      > Also the tobacco chamber is centered perfectly, as is the air-hole in
      > the bottom of the bowl. If I were forced to find any fault with the
      > pipe it would be that the drill bit went a bit too far in making the
      > air hole and put a tiny divot in the bowl across from it. It's really
      > a long stretch to find any imperfection with this pipe! The
      > craftsmanship is beyond belief.
      > The grain is very nice. Lots of tight birdseyes and a nice crosscut
      > grain along the front and back of the bowl. The pipe has the
      > traditional Buyere finish.
      > I can't wait to smoke it!

      Dear Dylan,

      I am pleased your new Dunhill Pipe has arrived safely and is in perfect
      condition. I knew it would be as I have had a number of pipes from James
      Barber and they have always been perfect when they arrive.

      With kind regards,

      pipeman of england.
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