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Calling all cosplayers and photographers

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  • Hellwalker
    Filcosplay (http://www.fil.cosplay.ph) is inviting cosplayers and photographers alike to contribute photos for the exhibit to show your artistic talents and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2007
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      Filcosplay (http://www.fil.cosplay.ph) is inviting cosplayers and
      photographers alike to contribute photos for the exhibit to show your
      artistic talents and national pride and awareness. The idea is to have
      familiar, famous or mainstream anime/manga cosplayers within the
      setting of Filipino icons, symbols and elements, whether it be social
      awareness, pop-culture, organizations, politics, and everyday life in

      Each photo team can contribute a maximum of 5 pictures. Only 20
      pictures will be accepted.

      Pictures must be 8R size or 8x11 inches. Minimal photomanipulation is
      allowed. Can be colored, black and white or sepia.

      This is not a contest. This is instead an opportunity to show everyone
      how much cosplay has been integrated into our culture, and to strut
      your creative juices into a gallery you can call your own.

      Guidelines below as follows:

      1) Photo topic must comply to the theme which is Cosplay Culture:
      Filipino Flavor. Theme is composed of the following:

      - Cosplayers can wear any anime or manga costume.
      - Setting must be a location within the Philippines.
      - Situation must be distinctly Filipino in nature, using icons and
      landmarks, whether situational, political or socio-cultural.
      - It is encouraged that the characters cosplayers are portraying
      should look natural in their environments, or at least similar to
      their actual situation or location.
      - Photographs can be either a form of fashion shot, or to convey a
      story (although the latter is more encouraged, because we rarely see
      these types of photos).

      2) Photos must be of 8R size or 8x11 inches no frames.

      3) Maximum of 5 photos must be submitted per group. Each photo should
      have the following details:

      > Title
      > Location
      > technical camera details (optional)
      > Photo description - not more than 50 words (optional)

      4) Each cosplay group (composed of cosplayers and their
      photographer/s) should submit their names, group name and synopsis of
      their work, explaining why they chose the cosplay and location, etc.
      They can also include a short synopsis about their group as well.
      Synopsis must not exceed 300 words, in microsoft word format, to be
      submitted at filcosplay@... in this form:

      > Name of Group (short synopsis of group - optional)
      > List of names of people involved in shoot
      > Synopsis/Photo particulars

      5) Submission is first come first serve basis, but Filcosplay has the
      right to reject works that are not within the context, quality and
      theme of the gallery.


      The gallery will be up for two days (June 16 and 17). A maximum of 5
      volunteers are needed to watch over the gallery. Interested parties
      can inquire at the forum (http://www.fil.cosplay.ph) or email at

      Photos can be taken home by the respective owners provided they take
      them at the end of the convention itself, and not before. Photos not
      claimed can be either claimed at another time and place as agreed with
      the gallery organizer, or donated freely for Filcosplay and Cosplay.ph.


      Filcosplay is planning to add a gallery on Cosplay.ph to further
      continue to display the works, but it is still under planning stages
      with the website's coders. Pls wait for further announcements on the


      For further inquires email at filcosplay@...
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