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  • magnetic_rose
    It s time to break out and save the world from lousy doujin! JOIN LIGHTS_OUT: PHILIPPINE YAOI CONVENTION S DOUJIN COMPETITION! Soon on it s third year of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2005
      It's time to break out and save the world from lousy doujin!


      Soon on it's third year of hosting the annual Philippine Yaoi
      Convention and other related events, LIGHTS OUT is now holding a
      doujinshi competition for aspiring doujinshika like you!

      The winner of the competition will get their work professionally
      produced and printed, with all costs* shouldered by LIGHTS_OUT. The
      winning comic will also be launched at the 2006 LIGHTS_OUT: Philippine
      Yaoi Convention. Honestly, how cool is that?!

      Competition Rules

      1) All doujinshi must have yaoi, BL, or shounen-ai plots. However, no
      narrative restrictions will be imposed on the storyline or script.

      2) The doujinshi and its characters should be based from existing
      anime, manga, movies, tv series, video games, and other media.
      Absolutely no original works will be allowed.

      3) The doujinshi must contain 20-26 greyscale pages and must be
      digitally sized into B5 at 300DPI resolution. The layout and
      instructions regarding the technical aspects of the doujinshi will be
      provided in the LIGHTS_OUT website.

      4) The art must be personally done by you and your circle. Plagiarized
      art will be automatically disqualified (plagiarized works include, but
      is not limited to: traced art, copy-pasted art from other sources,
      digitally enhanced art from existing print/graphics work, suspiciously
      similar paneling and layout, etc.).

      5) The deadline for submission of works is on MARCH 24, 2006.

      6) The organizers reserve the sole right to modify competition rules
      up to thirty days before the competition deadline.

      * The organizers reserve the sole right to negotiate the production
      and printing specifications of the winning work with the professional
      print solutions provider.

      For more details, please visit us at the official LIGHTS_OUT website
      at http://lightsout.punkednoodle.com
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