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    ... wrote: CORRECTION: As pointed out in this thread by Mike, a Filcosplay member: http://s7.invisionfree.com/Filcosplay/index.php?showtopic=2492&st=135 10.
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      As pointed out in this thread by Mike, a Filcosplay member:

      10. Hero TV reserves the right to withdraw the rights of
      participation and/or props should one be found to break any of the
      aforementioned rules/regulations. Ignorance of these rules will be

      Its supposed to be "Ignorance of these rules will NOT be exempted".
      Our mistake for the typo, the correction has been made, thanks.


      Here is the floorplan for the Hero cosplay event:

      Click for Hero Floor Map


      Cosplayers now have an exclusive entrance at the back. All you need
      to do is go to the side where the driveway is and enter at the
      entrance indicated that will get you to the cosplay area and
      registration (as highlighted in green). This will help you avoid the
      crowd and get you to the registration area faster.

      Unfortunately this path isnt covered, so if it rains you will all
      have to pass through the event area. There registration area in the
      front part IS NOT THE COSPLAY REGISTRATION BOOTH. Again, the cosplay
      registration booth is located at the cosplay area itself as
      highlighted in the green area.

      The cosplayer exclusive entrance is also open to the cosplayer's
      helpers, but i would like to ask for the cosplayers to minimize the
      number of people to help you in (maximum of 3) especially to extra
      large costumes.

      -Again we are reminding you guys about the 3 Pictures of the cosplay
      characters you will be cosplaying. The pictures must preferrably be
      full body shots, to increase your chances of having a better score
      in accuracy and craftmanship.

      -Cosplayers will be given a cosplay kit which includes the Cosplay
      schedule, Cosplay Rules and your copy of the Cosplay Disclaimer (a
      signed document that says you have agreed to the rules provided by

      -Get your cosplay Freebie! Freebies are strictly for the 50
      registered cosplayers only.

      As you can see there will be dressing rooms for boys and girls. Here
      are the rules regarding the use of the dressing room:

      - Dressing room is for the exclusive use of the 50 REGISTERED
      cosplayers only.

      - You can leave your baggages inside the dressing room. But any loss
      or damage to your stuff inside the room, the Hero staff and admin
      will not be held responsible. To avoid the possibility of loss or
      damage, avoid lingering inside the dressing room, leave when you're

      -Cosplayers who have helpers can accompany them inside the dressing
      room PROVIDED that they are of the same biological sex. I'm sure
      most of the cosplayers (especially the women) would dress up more
      comfortably without any guys present in the room, and vice versa.

      -If possible bring your own mirrors during make-up. Im sorry for the
      inconvenience but as of now we are still trying to supply a mirror
      for you, but bring one just in case.

      -No photography is allowed inside the dressing room.

      That's all for now.

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