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  • Joy Bordador
    The BC130 Section 2 Class of the Broadcast Communication Department, UP College of Mass Communication in UP Diliman, is in need of actors aged 16 to 22 years
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2005
      The BC130 Section 2 Class of the Broadcast Communication Department, UP College of Mass Communication in UP Diliman, is in need of actors aged 16 to 22 years old for the production of a fantasy-themed television series. The details are as follows:

      Working Title: LonggaFRIENDS

      Concept Synopsis: LonggaFRIENDS is a drama series inspired by the hit American sitcom "Friends." It tells the story of a group of six young people, patterned after the "Friends" characters, that accidentally happen upon a magical slot machine which endows them with
      unconventional and seemingly useless superpowers that change every episode. But as each episode unfolds, they discover practical uses for their powers that allow them to resolve a conflict. The title LonggaFRIENDS comes from their favorite hang-out, a hole-in-the wall canteen of the same name located near their school.

      The Characters:
      PHOEBE, 19
      The one with a world of her own
      -fraternal twin sister of Chandler
      -Filipino-American, abandoned by her American father
      -Hippie, flower child
      -Nature and animal lover
      -Naive, never really knows whats going on, but can be quite perceptive when she wants to be

      CHANDLER, 19
      The one that's gay, but not really
      -fraternal twin brother (or sister) of Phoebe
      -Filipino-American, abandoned by his American father
      -Sarcastic, always makes stupid jokes
      -Born loser, always has the worst luck
      -Flamboyant homosexual
      -Even though the slot machine gives out random powers each episode, Chandler always receives the same power which is to become straight. He hates this and always hopes that his luck will change in the next episode (but it never does).

      JOEY, 16
      The one with more brawn than brain
      -Aspiring actor
      -Very dense
      -Perpetual flirt
      -Youngest of the group, was only included because he happened to be peeping in the window when they discovered the powers of the slot machine
      -Idolizes everyone else in the group, except for Chandler, the one he's closest to
      -Will eventually have a crush on Rachel

      MONICA, 19
      The one with the obsessive-compulsive disorder
      -Very diet conscious, very insecure (always thinks she's fat)
      -Neat freak, loves to clean
      -Very competitive
      -Will have a crush on Chandler but only when he's straight

      ROSS, 20
      The one with a lot of money and a family-owned school
      -Slightly nerdy, loves dinosaurs
      -His real name is Ambrosio VI, after his great-great-great grandfather who started the school, Divine Gospel Academy, which they all attend
      -Has difficulty expressing himself
      -Always the butt of the groups jokes
      -Has a habit of clearing his throat and inserting "umm" in his sentences
      -Lots of girls are after him for his money, including Rachel (at first).
      -Big brother of the group
      -Has many psychotic ex-girlfriends

      RACHEL, 19
      The one who's eye-candy
      -Kikay, vain and obsessed with her looks
      -Initially after Ross for his money, but eventually learns to love who he really is
      -Social climber
      -Always tries to speak English even if she can't
      -Always tries to wear the latest fashion, but it never quite works out
      -Lots of guys like her and this causes Monica to have an inferiority complex

      This is a one-of-a-kind exposure! ;D


      If you are interested to audition for a part, YM me (haruka173), MSN me (sailor_misato), or text me (0917-8163296). Thanks heaps and God bless you all! v^_^v See you there!

      Princess of Wind and Air
      Green-Minded Fox Goddess
      Crusader of Truth, Love and Justice
      Open-minded Broadcast Communicator
      Former ICTUSian Idol (Back when I was more active...)

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