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  • magnetic_rose2001
    The U.P. Philippines-Japan Friendship Club, also known as U.P. Tomo-Kai, is a duly recognized socio-cultural organization in the University of the Philippines,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2005
      The U.P. Philippines-Japan Friendship Club, also known as U.P.
      Tomo-Kai, is a duly recognized socio-cultural organization in the
      University of the Philippines, Diliman. It has been our
      responsibility to uphold our cultural heritage and contribute in the
      best we can in fostering goodwill among nations through better
      understanding of our cultural diversity from which the essence of our
      organization stems.

      As U.P. Tomo-Kai embarks on yet another year, we will be celebrating
      our 15th anniversary with the theme "JUUGOSAI: Tomo-Kai Blooming in
      July". As we expand our horizon, U.P. Tomo-Kai will grow further as
      an organization and bloom like the cherry blossoms, which represent
      the passage from the old season to a new beginning full of hope.

      On this occasion, we would like to invite you to join us in the
      activities we have prepared for our anniversary celebration this year
      on July 7 and on July 11-16, 2005. We will be having an Open
      Tambayan, an Interactive Cultural Exhibit, a Kakanin and Ramen-Eating
      Contest, a Kissaten and a Cultural Night.

      We hope you could join us in the success of this celebration.

      Homepage: http://www.uptomokai.tk
      E-mail: uptomokai[at]gmail[dot]com
      Contact persons: Jengga 0927-8717039, Allen 0915-3707016


      JUUGOSAI: Tomo-Kai Blooming in July
      Sponsored by SAISAKI, KATIALIS, OICA (Office of Initiatives for
      Culture and the Arts), and TOYOTA

      July 7
      Open Tambayan (U.P. Tomo-Kai Tambayan) -- 3:00pm

      This year marks what we hope to become one of the organization's
      traditions in the future, an event called, "Otanjoubi Omedetou, TK!"
      or in Filipino, "Maligayang Kaarawan, TK!". Coinciding with the
      Japanese Tanabata Festival, there will be a Tanabata tree where
      people's wishes could be hung. Philippine games like Pukpok Palayok
      and Hanapin ang Piso as well as Japanese games like Go, Saisho no
      Janpu, and Paper Plane Ball would be played and popular delicacies
      from each country such as sapin-sapin and maki sushi will be served.

      July 11
      Opening Ceremonies (AS Lobby 1st floor) -- 12:00- 4:00pm
      Interactive Cultural Exhibit (AS Lobby 1st floor)

      Booths on ikebana (flower arrangement), origami (paper folding),
      kitsuke (kimono wearing), shoudou (calligraphy), and sadou (tea
      ceremony) will feature some of the most essential aspects of Japanese
      culture. At the same time, an alibata booth and native musical
      instruments from UP Kontra-Gapi will showcase our own Philippine
      heritage. Demonstrations of Kendo and Arnis would display skill and
      energy to open the festivities with a bang.

      July 12
      Kakanin and Ramen-Eating Contest (Roces Ave.) -- 4:00-6:00pm

      Teams of 6 members each will be gobbling on puto, kutsinta and biko
      and slurping down ramen as fast as they can in this frantic eating
      contest. Filipino and Japanese students alike would be accepted to
      enter to mix things up and make the competition even fiercer. 3000
      pesos worth of gift certificates from Saisaki awaits the winning team!

      July 14
      Kissaten: Tomo-Kai Tea House (AS Lobby 1st floor) -- 1:00-4:00pm

      A traditional Japanese-inspired living room with mats, throw pillows,
      and a Japanese low table would welcome all who wish to relax their
      minds and bodies. Free ocha (Japanese tea) would be served and
      Japanese novels and manga (comics) would be available for everyone's
      reading pleasure.

      July 16
      Cultural Night (Dalisay Aldaba Hall) -- 7:00-10:00pm

      This is it! The culmination of Tomo-Kai's anniversary celebration
      happens on this Cultural Night. This would be a grand artistic night
      of music, dance, and laughter. Cultural performances from UP
      Kontra-Gapi, UP Social Dance Club, UP Rep, UP Dance Company, Japanese
      exchange students, FILIPICA (Firipin ni Manabu Kai), and others make
      this a Philippine-Japanese cultural tour de force. This would
      definitely be a night to remember!
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