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  • magnetic_rose2001
    am doing this as a favor to one of our beloved UGG affiliates -- *lolz*. anyway, if you re qualified and interested, please join! thanks! *** The UP
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2004
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      am doing this as a favor to one of our beloved UGG affiliates --
      *lolz*. anyway, if you're qualified and interested, please join!


      The UP Association of Computer Science Majors (UP CURSOR) is
      sponsoring UP Sigaw, UP Hataw and the Ragnarok/Anime Cosplay, both
      of which are University-Wide events.

      Both will be held on December 10, 2004, Friday, from 12 noon to 5pm,
      venue TBA.

      For inquiries regarding both events, you may email the organizers at
      tinatuts@... or mcolpoc@..., or text to 09177441704.


      1. Ragnarok Online RPG Cosplay is open to all students of the
      University of the Philippines, Diliman who are enrolled during the
      second semester of AY 2004 – 2005.

      2. Upon registration, the contestant should submit the registration
      fee of PhP50 and certified Xerox copies of their form 5s.

      3. A contestant may opt to represent only one of the participating
      organizations in the College of Engineering

      4. An organization can have as many contestants as they want.

      Event Mechanics and Guidelines:

      1. Only characters from the Ragnarok Online RPG Game and other anime
      series will be allowed to be cosplayed. Characters from other games
      are not allowed. UP CURSOR and the board of judges reserve sole
      discretion in determining if your cosplay character does or does not
      follow this rule.

      2. UP Cursor reserves the right to choose members of the board of

      3. Each contestant is required to submit 2 full-color full body
      pictures of the character/s they will be cosplaying. These pictures
      will be attached to the judging forms and will be permanently kept
      as part of UP CURSOR's archives.

      4. Absolutely no real and/or dangerous weapons for props. Fire props
      and messy props (i.e. fake blood) are also not allowed. UP CURSOR
      reserves the right to decide whether a prop belongs to the
      categories just mentioned.

      5. Nudity and/or skimpy outfits are not disallowed, but not
      encouraged either.

      6. There will be an elimination and final round, which will be held
      on the same day, 2 ½ hours apart. The participants will be asked to
      pose in front of the judges and the judges will determine their
      score based on criteria. The top 5 participants advance to the final
      round. Same procedure applies on the final round.


      1. The competition will be on Friday, December 10, 2004 at 1 p.m.
      Participants that arrive late to the competition will have a 2%
      deduction from their total score in the elimination round for every
      15 minutes they are late.

      2. All cosplayers are responsible for their own safety. UP CURSOR
      will not be responsible for any injuries and/or inconveniences
      resulting from participating in the cosplay competition.

      3. UP CURSOR's decision in any matter regarding the Cosplay is
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