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OT: I©OLONY - We had fun last night with TetriNet!!

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  • Yaten Kou
    Hey peeps! We would like to invite you all to join I©OLONY (http://www.icolony.ph) and witness how an online community portal goes to life, and be part of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2003
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      Hey peeps! We would like to invite you all to join I©OLONY (http://www.icolony.ph) and witness how an online community portal goes to life, and be part of the pioneer members.

      Last night, our first regular schedule for TetriNet was a success! And we will do it again everyday! So sign-up now and play with us!

      What's New!
      a.. TetriNet! - a multiplayer Tetris game
      b.. Picture Jokes - repository of Picture Jokes
      c.. Text Jokes - Repository of Text Jokes
      Other Features:
      a.. I©OLONY makes heavy use of Avatars and Emoticons which makes it very attractive, colorful and lively.
      b.. We also have 3D Chat, which makes chatting experience more enjoyable!
      c.. We have hundreds of Avatars to choose from, all contributed by other members and still growing!
      d.. Every I©OLONY member will have its own email address accessible online via Webmail!
      e.. Our system runs in Linux (Slackware) and our Database (Firebird Interbase) is fully centralized, which makes all our features interconnected and more organized.
      f.. That's not all, we just started last September 28, 2003 and more features will be introduced soon!
      Enhanced Features:
      a.. Secured webmail (now encrypted)
      b.. Faster 3D Chat
      c.. More features for Avatars
      d.. More emoticons for Message Board
      Soon to come:
      a.. Online shopping
      b.. Quotes Database
      c.. Lyrics Database
      d.. RPG (using Open Source RPG)
      e.. Word Hunt for our 3D Chat
      f.. and many more!!!
      Registration is FREE!!!! So hurry up and signup now before someone else gets your I©OLONY email address.

      See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_______^

      For inquiries write to info@...
      Technical Support at support@...
      Technical Inquiries (non-support and help related), please direct them to system@...
      Legal matters to legal@...
      Copyright notices to copyright@...
      Web related concerns, corrections, suggestions at webmaster@...
      Email related complaints and concerns to postmaster@...
      Abusive use of our facilities, Mail spamming and other abuse related to abuse@...
      Problem with your accounts, send email to accounts@...
      Promotions, exchange deals, Advertising and partnership, send to promotions@...
      Marketing concerns to marketing@...
      and if you want to reach the management, write to management@...

      Yaten Kou

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