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OT: Just dropping by...

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  • MiTsuKi sANada
    hajimemashite minna-san!!! ^______^ it s me, Mitsuki or for some, Vany ^_^ i hope you can still recall this girl fond of smiling faces (d masyadong obvious
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2003
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      hajimemashite minna-san!!! ^______^
      it's me, Mitsuki or for some, Vany ^_^
      i hope you can still recall this girl fond of
      "smiling faces" (d masyadong obvious dba? :p),
      for those who know me ^_^.
      I just dropped by to say Hello to everyone!!
      I REALLY missed you guys!!!
      I missed anime, cosplaying and get-togethers
      (most especially ^_________^)
      I wish to see you guys again soon..^__^
      i heard there's gonna be an AOI on September 20,
      i think (?)(am i right?nde na kasi ako nakakpgbasa
      ng mails eh... too busy and stressed '_')
      i just saw it from the post on the japanese club's
      bulletin board(in our school) ...i think it's their
      some sort of field trip (wow sya nman..)
      Well anywy, i hope i can be there...
      too many things to do.. so many things to think about
      i'll try to catch up with you guys..AGAIN...
      the resurrection of the unresurrected (labo..)^__^
      Gomen, hanggang dito muna po...i just had a straneous
      day and i need some..no a LOT of rest..still have to
      wake up at 4am..man..
      Domo arigatou! ^_^
      Ja matashta ne! ^____________^

      sakura/ikusawa ruriko ^___________^

      P.S. Gomen nasai po dun sa mga nagttext sakin na nde
      ko narreplyan! nasnatch po kasi yung fone ko eh.. la
      na po ko number ng kahit cnong cosplayer..waaah..send
      nyo na lng po sakin through email or kahit sa txt ung
      # nyo po.. la pa kong fone so far pro may number na
      ko..i'm using my mom's fone so i can't bring it to
      anywhere outside the house..gomen again kung nde ako
      mkakarep agad..anyway here's my number po
      09193337058.^_^ TSALAMATS!!

      pahabol pa! : anyone who knows dianne lopez's cell #?
      please tell me naman po...onegai??? nde k tuloy cya
      nagreet nung birthday nya...i superdupermiss her..

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