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Re: [pinoy_cosplay] hi all.

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  • raisa de guzman
    wow . . . that was one long message . . . hehehe. pero i m quite impressed of the way you use words, my friend. :) they are (almost :)) straight to the point.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 24, 2003
      wow . . . that was one long message . . . hehehe. pero i'm quite impressed of the way you use words, my friend. :) they are (almost :)) straight to the point. i must say you are quite a good essay writer. :D

      karin ang dakilang manggagaway.

      "Nazri M. Noor" <naz_noor@...> wrote:
      thanks for the welcome, haruka. as is evident from
      reading my survey results, i'm admittedly something of
      a newbie in the anime community, more so in the world
      of cosplay.

      i've pretty much known about cosplay for almost a year
      now, but i'm only familiar with principles and nuances
      in a more foreign context. that's because i wasn't
      quite aware that we actually had a local cosplay
      community, and i'm glad to know that things are going
      relatively well, considering the very fact that we
      have a pretty sizable online body of communication in
      the form of this list. i suppose it might be safe to
      assume that perhaps about 70% of the people on this
      list are active in terms of cosplay? as active as it
      gets, at least, considering the limited number of
      conventions we have the opportunity to attend...which
      is well and good, in a sense, considering cosplayers
      are given more time and margin to polish and develop
      costumes and details ;) let's positive thinking!
      <--persona 2 reference there, sorry.

      yes, i have done my research, and yes, i have drooled
      over those damnably talented individuals...huongstar,
      yaya, elfeater, khet tcheba, g-chan, nyanko chan, and
      a host of other horrifyingly talented foreign
      cosplayers who intimidate the bejeezus out of me. but
      hell. all extremely inspiring individuals, if you ask
      me. friendly ones, too, considering their levels of
      experience and positions in their respective circles.
      but i digress.

      i've lurked about a bit, checking out images taken
      from the various cons and expos we've had locally, and
      i'll have to say, i am quite impressed. for such a
      comparatively young cosplay 'economy,' i'd say that
      the local community is doing extremely well. the level
      of craftsmanship is sufficiently impressive as to be
      potential competitive material for international
      cosplay conventions. although i must admit, i am
      somewhat prejudiced in a sense. i don't know if most
      will agree, but while the quality of a costume
      certainly comes into play, personal dedication,
      expertise, and skill are just as essential. i.e., i
      don't actually consider commissioned outfits, as in
      entire outfits you have sewn by the neighborhood
      seamstress, true to the essence of cosplay (note: i
      pertain to little to no creative input. i can't sew to
      save my life either ;P ). there's just something about
      lovingly handmade items that stand as marks of
      quality, skill, and a personable amount of dedication.
      even constructing one's own display weapon out of
      papier mache and pvc piping is enough to blow me away.
      but maybe that's just me. and i don't want anyone
      kicking me in the head for mouthing off three days
      into my membership, so, whatever, pretend i didn't say
      that. :)

      back to the local cons. browsing available images, i
      found some great costumes. like i said, quality is
      really very impressive. saw a great yuna, nice faye
      valentine, saber marionette j and ah my goddess
      groups, i believe, and some unfortunately sorely
      undersized images of absolutely beautiful angel
      sanctuary cosplay (found on the pinoy_cosplay
      geocities site, if i'm not mistaken). excellent
      costumes, executed appropriately by individuals who at
      least swing withing 20% of their chosen characters'
      looks. forgive me charles, i'm one of those 'try to go
      for someone around your appearance' type people, but i
      guess i adhere to that only in the context of
      competitive cosplay (ie, masquerades, etc.). if it's
      all in the name of hallplay, fun, and one's love for a
      character, then well and good! i myself am planning to
      crossplay certain characters in the future...hehehe.

      just my two cents about a few things...laebius, i
      agree that it would be interesting to see more
      cosplayers getting into dressing up as mascots, but
      don't forget two things that get in the way of so many
      people trying to do so: expensive, hard-to-find
      material (foam, faux fur? where the hell do you find
      this stuff in manila?), and climate. i'd gladly jump
      into a kirby or crayon shin-chan suit, but if it means
      creating a trail of sweat from here to the far end of
      quiapo, no thank you :) and about ensuring one's place
      as the ONLY cosplayer to go as a certain character,
      i'd have to agree with joy and the others on this.
      some people love characters too much that there will
      be no chance of prying them away from their concepts
      and ideas, and it would be unfair to claim exclusivity
      and absolution over a certain character. what joy said
      on love for specific characters and group-hunting
      makes a lot of sense. heck, group cosplay intrigues me
      immensely. i've seen pics of entire hordes of mai
      shiranuis, yunas, and lulus all dressed in relatively
      linear outfits. that'd be really bloody interesting.
      kazuma kaneko/persona 2 charas, anyone? look on the
      bright side. ending up with doppelgangers at a
      convention means opportunity to strike up
      conversation, make new friends, have lots and lots of
      pictures taken, and trade crafting secrets. right?
      right. :)

      unfortunately, my interaction is limited to viewing
      pictures and posting here (::sob::) until some
      fabulous convention comes up where i will definitely
      participate, so please, anyone with any info on
      upcoming cosplay events, please post, post, post! i
      have a couple of potentially mentally decrepifying
      costumes i'm planning to try out ;)

      last paragraph na to, promise! i met up with a friend
      a few days ago, and she informed me that the annual AX
      (anime expo) will be held this coming july 3-7th at
      the anaheim convention center, which is, what, an hour
      away from where i'm vacationing here. i am trying very
      hard to convince my guardians to allow me to haul off,
      and had i known about this earlier, i'd have prepared
      some wonderful costume to throw on for the event.
      unfortunately, should i be given the go signal to
      attend, i'll just be a spectator. *sigh* but hey, if i
      get to attend AX as a relative newbie, hell, what a
      way to be introduced to cosplay, eh? :) so wish me
      luck, everyone. and if i get to go, i swear to take a
      billion pictures and erect some expansive gallery to
      commemorate and preserve.

      so. that's my "hello i'm naz and please don't beat me
      over the head with a styrofoam mallet" message. again,
      it's nice to be here, and i look forward to hearing
      from everyone :)


      "I have to re-create the universe every morning when I wake up. And kill it in the evening...maybe twice a year I have to destroy everything."

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