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VERY short shorts...

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  • Jocelyn C Bordador
    Ok, this compiled message will be addressed in a way that it s by order of importance (meaning, the less urgent it is, the farther it s pushed to the end of my
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2002
      Ok, this compiled message will be addressed in a way that it's by order of importance (meaning, the less urgent it is, the farther it's pushed to the end of my email). Please be guided accordingly. ^_^

      Una, for those concerned (Kuya Mitz, Jiro-kun, Christy-san, Almond-kun, Mommy Cherl and Lea-san): I'm going to Power Books, Glorietta and North Park (farther up Makati Avenue) tomorrow, don't know in what order yet. As usual you may reach me at 0917-8163296. ^-^ (Mommy Cherl ... wala akong nahanap na pen-type cologne, gomen nasaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiii!!! T_T <bows>)

      Next ... hello to the newbies!!! ^-^ Especially the one surnamed Calingo - sorry medyo personal but are you related to Juni or April Calingo? Just asking. ^_^ BTW I'm getting lazy to keep adding the unofficial welcoming message each time I send an email, and since it refuses to be automated from the Yahoogorups site, you kiddies had better CHECK IT OUT (I can never stress that enough ^_^;) in the Files section of our group site, under the folder "Automated Haruka-chan" (I hope I remmeber this right ^_^;). (URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/cosplayersworld/files/Automated Haruka-chan/) Please read it ok??? It's VERY necessary so that you won't do anything that could get you kicked out - we here make sure we take care of our members because we hate to see people go. ~-~

      Lastly - YATEN!!! Di ka nagpakita noong Thursday!!! Bakit wala ka?!?! I was going to ask you about Ayashi no Ceres videos and other stuff, at alam mo namang miss ka na namin ... tapos wala ka!!! T____________T I am hurt... <Haruka goes into drama queen mode>

      O sige na, yun na lang. Goodnight!

      The Princess of Wind and Air,
      ~Haruka Minamino~
      Resident Fox Goddess of Flip Otaku-run MLs
      Youngest Moderator of the Pinoy_Cosplay and YYHREN MLs
      Self-Professed Makati Baby and Drama Queen

      PS Jiro-kun ... check the other recipient of this email message. That's the group Kuya Mitz and I moderate. ^-^ Kaso wala namang action dun ... all of it has to be generated by me... <sobs pitifully>

      CHEAPER than free email!
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