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Re: [pinoy_cosplay] Selling DVD quality Anime PC cds - yu_law_667

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    You re in BIG trouble kid... Ok, was kidding there, but please take the time out to reading this message ok? ^V^ If you re planning to sell, at least ask the
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 25, 2002
      You're in BIG trouble kid...

      Ok, was kidding there, but please take the time out to reading this message ok? ^V^

      If you're planning to sell, at least ask the mods first ok? ^_^; Anime discussions per se are ok here, selling ... depends e. ^_^;;;

      Basta intro yourself na lang before selling ok?

      And TO ALL NEW ANIME "VENDORS": BEFORE DISPLAYING YOUR WARES, PLEASE SEND A COPY OF YOUR "AD" PERSONALLY TO ME, Haruka-chan. This is to make sure that what you'll be selling is safe enough to post here, and it's not too far from our group's aim (which is, basically, to help cosplayers). Some of our members don't take too kindly to OTs, although anyone can say that I'm certainly not one of those. ^_^v

      I will only say this ONCE. Sorry for the favoritism, but some kasi of those "vendors" we are familiar with (such as Kuya Hentai Yin Moko) usually post more than just their ads. They also post kasi helpful tips for cosplayers, and other information relevant to our community.

      Yun lang po! ^-^ Maraming salamat.

      This public service announcement was brought to you by...

      The Princess of Wind and Air,
      Yongest Resident Fox Goddess of Pinoy MLs
      Moderator of the Pinoy_Cosplay, Cosplayers' RPG & YYHREN MLs
      Proud Grounder, Freshie (in UP! ^-~) and Cosplayer

      pinoy_cosplay@yahoogroups.com wrote:

      >Hi. In case I havent posted here before (by yahoo ID yu_law_667)...
      >Im selling dvd quality Anime series and movies :)
      >only for 150 pesos each cd, and 1,200 if it is 10 or more and 100 for
      >100 pieces :)
      >I got all the latest animes like...
      >prince of tennis
      >hikaru no go
      >full metal panic
      >and many other more :)
      >email me at niv_rem@...
      >IF you are interested.
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