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accepting orders for FX and AV ANIME DVDs

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  • Hentai Yin Moko
    Anybody interested in FX DVDs Do you know about the FX dvds that are really hard to find in HK? It is known to be one of the greatest dvd companies of anime
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2002
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      Anybody interested in FX DVDs

      Do you know about the FX dvds that are really hard to find in HK? It is
      known to be one of the greatest dvd companies of anime from HK because of
      the quality of their dvds in all three aspects - video, subs, audio. Most
      of Fx's titles were ripped from region 1 so the english audio track were

      Guess what!!!! We'l be supplying the FX titles as well as the Animation
      video titles that is the sister company of Fx (has more titles though). We
      are now setting our prices for the new sources:

      Animation Video - 600php per dvd
      FX Releases - 650php per dvd
      (these titles are selling for at least P800/disc at greenhills)

      This would be the price for the first batch of incoming dvds for July.

      Anyone interested in ordering or inquiring in any of the titles from these
      sources, please email me and leave ur cell phone numbers or home numbers
      before 4pm today (July 3, 2002) so I could rush your orders.

      I'll reply to you asap.

      Here is a list of titles, just inquire on the number of dvds per title

      Titles for Anime Video 600php per dvd

      DVD0159 Comic Party TV
      DVD0146 Denshin Mamotte Syugogetten! OVA
      DVD0143 Detective Conan TV Pt 6: 135 - 162
      DVD0063 El-Hazard: The Magnificant World
      DVD0258 Fighting, The Part 1
      DVD0132 Gatchaman OVA
      DVD0250 Gear Fighter Dendoh
      DVD0081 Getter Robo
      DVD0220 Godmars: 1 - 31
      DVD0239 Godmars: 32 - 64
      DVD0240 Godmars Bundle: 1 - 64
      DVD0090 Golden Lightan, The
      DVD0061 Gravitation TV
      DVD0155 Great Teacher Onizuka
      DVD0133 Gundam ZZ
      DVD0129 Guyver, The
      DVD0251 Humanoid Kikaider OVA
      DVD0217 HunterXHunter TV: 1 - 26
      DVD0218 HunterXHunter TV: 27 - 62
      DVD0219 HunterXHunter TV: 1 - 62
      DVD0246 HunterXHunter OVA (Complete)
      DVD0241 Louie, the Rune Soldier: 1 - 18
      DVD0235 Macross: Flashback 2012 (AC)
      DVD0242 MegaZone 23
      DVD0157 Mermaid Saga
      DVD0255 Najica: Blitz Tactics Pt 1
      DVD0158 Patlabor: The New OVAs
      DVD0150 Project ARMs: 1 - 26
      DVD0244 Rurouni Kenshin TV Complete Bundle
      DVD0134 Sailor Moon 3 Movies Boxset
      DVD0196 Saiyuki: 27 - 50
      DVD0187 Saiyuki Movie: Requiem
      DVD0197 Seikai no Senki II
      DVD0230 Soul Taker
      DVD0103 Tales of Eternia
      DVD0100 Tekkaman: The Space Knight
      DVD0186 Tekkaman Blade
      DVD0190 Tekkaman Blade II
      DVD0231 Tenchi Muyo! OVA
      DVD0106 Tenchi Universe
      DVD0253 Vandread: The Second Stage
      DVD0209 Vandread: Integral OVA
      DVD0188 YuGiOh TV
      DVD0228 Zone of the Enders TV: 1 - 13
      DVD0229 Zone of the Enders TV: 14 - 26
      DVD0233 Zone of the Enders TV Bundle: 1 - 26

      Titles from FX 650php per dvd

      DVD0260 Astro Boy - 5 dvd
      DVD0256 Ayashi no Ceres Perfect Collection - 3 dvd :)
      DVD0183 Cowboy Bebop TV Perfect Collection -3 dvd :)
      DVD0160 Cowboy Bebop Movie: Knockin' on Heaven's Door - 1 dvd
      DVD0246 I, My, Me, Strawberry Eggs - 2 dvd
      DVD0247 Love Hina Again OVA - 1 dvd
      DVD0252 Macross: Do You Remember Love? Perfect Edition - 1 dvd
      DVD0254 Macross 7 Pt 1 - 4 dvd
      DVD0135 One Piece TV: 1 - 52 - 5 dvd
      DVD0243 Outlaw Star - 3 dvd :)
      DVD0205 Read or Die OVA - 1 dvd
      DVD0181 Tenchi Universe - 3 dvd :)
      DVD0257 Trigun Perfect Collection - 3 dvd unavailable :)
      DVD0245 Weiss Kreuz OVA - 1 dvd
      DVD0279 Hellsing - 2 dvd
      DVD0276 Record of Lodoss War OVA - 2 dvd

      the titles with the :) are complete region 1 rips with the english audio
      tracks and the special features and add-ons intact.

      kung di kayo maka-abot today eh pwede kayo sa next shipment. inform me na
      lang. ":)_

      yun lang

      Hentai Yin Moko
      "An eye for an eye makes the world blind."

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