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  • winsentokun
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2002
      ---------------------------------Anime Prom Ball FAQ------------------
      <Ookochi Sakuya and Yuki Eiri met in Encore Quantum Arcade in Mega A,
      Sakuya as he played the Gundam game (already in Jaburo), Yuki began
      to advertise the Anime prom. After the grueling match, Sakuya lost
      due to a cheap shot at the back by a reckless Guncannon. Sakuya
      cursing the federation, saw the relentless advertising campaign by
      Yuki Eiri, went forward to address the marketing man. He glanced at
      the poster and tapped Yuki gently on the back, Yuki responded almost

      1) Sakuya: What is the Anime Prom/Ball?
      Yuki: Well, the anime prom/ball is a gathering of all the people from
      the anime community to celebrate the month of love through dancing,
      partying, and music. Also it is to celebrate the most common theme in
      most anime/manga titles, love.

      2) Sakuya: That's nice, but what else is the purpose of this
      Yuki: Aside from the things I mentioned above, basically just to have
      fun in a formal way with your anime friends.

      3) Sakuya: Wow! That sounds fun. Where will it be held?
      Yuki: In Club Filipino.

      4) Sakuya: Anou, where is it?
      Yuki: Ah, you don't know. Well its behind Virra Mall, a shopping
      center by San Juan, its really popular for selling cheap clothes,
      computer items, and collectibles.

      5) Sakuya: Well, if I commute how can I get there?
      Yuki: Without a map, you can go two ways:
      a) One, take the MRT train from any station and go down at
      the "Santolan" station. Either walk from the station, turn left at
      the first corner you see and walk straight forward until you reach
      Virra Mall. Behind Virra Mall, there is a club it looks ancient yet
      vintage and that's where Club Filipino is at. Or take a taxi from
      b) Two, or go behind it. In my experience this way is easier. I
      will now tackle the two modes of transportation, taxi or passenger
      car and the typical bus and jeep.
      Northbound: From Edsa, go straight until Robinson's Galleria. If you
      are taking a bus, get off. If you are taking a car or taxi take the
      flyover. If you are taking a car go straight until Club Filipino Ave
      and turn right. From there go straight until you see Club Filipino.
      If you are commuting, take a jeep from Robinson's Galleria and
      disembark once you see Club Filipino, it is a short walk from there.

      6) Sakuya: Oh, now I get it. How much is it?
      Yuki: P500, flat rate.

      7) Sakuya: Holy, that's expensive! Why so?
      Yuki: The money just does not go to the rental of the place itself,
      but by hand it also goes to the lights, the sounds, and the
      peripherals of the prom itself. Without the money, there are no

      8) Sakuya: Oh okay, that's pretty liberal, no special treatment
      for couples?
      Yuki: Well, couples do get a special treatment just not on the price.
      They will not be discriminated upon at the seating arrangement (see
      below) and they can be nominated and voted for the couple of the

      9) Sakuya: What about a friend of mine, his name is Atsuro and
      he is somewhat you know, special…he wants to date another friend of
      mine, will that be allowed?
      Yuki: There is no bias against same-sex relationships before there
      was because of the price, now since it is a flat rate, go out with
      whoever you are it is a liberal affair. (whisper: Well actually I'm
      also thinking of bringing a special friend, his name is Shuichi

      10) Sakuya: Err…well moving on, it says here the attire
      is "decently formal", what the hell does that mean?
      Yuki: We termed it "decently formal" and not "strictly formal" at the
      discretion of the guest. Indeed we don't discriminate against those
      who wear certain clothes but for decency's sake still maintain with
      the status quo and at least look "decent" as the instruction
      says. "Formal" meaning refrain from totally casual gear and "smart
      casual" does not apply in this case.

      11) Sakuya: Anou, it still sounds vague, may I get specifics?
      Yuki: Okay here goes, allowed for men:
      Men: Long sleeve collared button-up shirts, or short sleeves for
      that matter.
      Tacky ties are optional, those who don't want to wear tacky
      ties, make up for it with a suit or blazer and the shirt
      Um…tucked in is more preferable but if you are bringing a barong,
      please…tuck out…
      Can be as informal as khakis but please no jeans…
      Shoes has to be leather or suede, no sports shoes
      Um…athletic equipment is a no-no
      Besides Celts, Scots, and traditional Japanese, maybe other ethnic
      tribes, men in their culture wear skirts. And since (sorry to those
      who are sensitive about this) we are adapting a post-colonial
      European/American based Philippine culture, please my dear fellow men
      do not crossplay.
      Women: Um…dresses, gowns, fancy stuff…indeed this prom is for
      Due to popular demand, the female tux has been
      allowed for those who
      are in need of a non-feminine style.
      Anou…no athletic equipment again please.
      All types of sandals, shoes, and other formal
      footwear allowed.

      12) Sakuya: That almost clears things up a bit.
      Yuki: Well, it does, and really it is up your discretion whether you
      feel one is more formal than the other. But Club Filipino has the
      right to not allow entry due to "irregular" fashion statements.

      13) Sakuya: Doesn't that produce a sort of bias for the event?
      Yuki: Dear Sakuya, we are attending a promenade not a floor show.

      14) Sakuya: Oh forgive me Yuki.
      Yuki: That's alright Sakuya, just remember: dress nicely.

      15) Sakuya: What about the time? When and what time will it be
      Yuki: It starts at 7:00 (but be there at around six for best results)
      and ends at 12:00
      The date will be February 22, 2002.

      16) Sakuya: Doesn't that not fit into most people's schedules?
      And why the 22nd not the 15th when it is nearly Valentines' Day?
      Yuki: Oh that…well the answer is lack of schedules. We did everything
      in our power to get it close to Valentines or at a Saturday but still
      the problems are great regarding this issue.

      17) Sakuya: Oh I see. By the way, what is that…Eyeball?
      Yuki: Not the part in the anatomy, but it is an Eyeball party on
      Saturday, February 2, 2002.

      18) Sakuya: So what, I could buy at the door right?
      Yuki: Yeah, but it will be marked higher. On the Eyeball event, you
      could buy tickets in advance, reserve seats and meet the organizers
      and ask them personally about the event itself.

      19) Sakuya: Oh, how convenient, also cheap…well I need the
      Yuki: Sorry about that, it will be held at Megamall Comic Alley, Mega
      B between 2:00 until 5:00, we might extend but this is the timeline.
      We will be there the whole afternoon by the way. And it will be held
      inside the Comic Alley department.

      20) Sakuya: Well do we need to be there the whole three hours or
      so, because I have a gig at Cradle at around 5:30 and I need to be
      there. By the way, we're singing "Midnight Crow" that night.
      Yuki: You don't need to. Pay, get the stuff, ask questions, leave.
      Got it? By the way, love that song man.

      21) Sakuya: Who do I approach during that day?
      Yuki: The YD of course, and they will be wearing IDs so you could
      recognize them.

      22) Sakuya: Who are in charge by the way?
      Yuki: Well here are the YD who are directly involved with the
      project. All financial, political, and other concerns go through
      them. They are:
      Ernesto Beras: Project Head
      Vincent Ternida: Marketing and PR Head
      Galo Matagay III: Overall Logistics Head
      Christian Garcia-Dee: Technical Director
      Robert de Villa: Venue-Specific Logistics
      Ricky Buzon: Promotional Printing

      23) Sakuya: Oh that's great really. Can we go through it again?
      What do we get during the payment for our tickets?
      Yuki: You get three things (if necessary):
      First: The invitation
      Second: Seating reservation
      Third: Parental waiver…

      24) Sakuya: Whoa, whoa, whoa…I'm 22 why do I need a parental
      Yuki: Only to those below 18 or with discretion from the organizers
      will this waiver be given. So won't need this one.

      25) Sakuya: Last question, you said something about anime prom,
      how can this be different, will there be cosplays?
      Yuki: Well I wouldn't put it 100% different from the others. There
      will be anime-like decorations, an ongoing anime film being shown,
      anime related music and bands, and of course surrounded by the anime
      community who share one common interest, anime. About cosplaying,
      okay fine cosplay, as long as you fall within the dress code and
      indeed there are no prizes in store for you.

      26) Sakuya: Oh, okay…expect me to be there on Feb 2.
      Yuki: Sure, thanks for patronizing the anime prom!

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