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696Re: [pinoy_cosplay] ^^;

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  • battlechaser
    May 1, 2001
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      >[1: inquiries]
      >battlechaser-san? are the poster-making/etc. thingie still open? mia wanted me to ask you if you'd like some help from us. <pasikot-sikot ba?>

      we are still in need of volunteers, kaso may naka-assign na para sa mga posters.
      thanks anyway. ^-^

      >i would also like to ask about the volunteering... no, don't assume i'd like to join you kasi baka di ko kaya. gusto ko lang malaman kung anu-ano pa ba ang gagawin sa con. i.e., specific stalls, food, gimikan, etc.

      kaya mo yun... one day lang naman yung buong event, saka di ka naman nag-iisa. isang committee
      kayo na magtutulungan. kung mahirapan kayo, nandyan naman iyong ibang volunteers. that what
      makes volunteering special, hindi lang because free yung food saka entrance, marami ka pang
      magiging kaibigan in the process (makukulit nga lang).

      aside from the promotions commitee which im handling, meron pang iba. hmmmm... <thinks>
      technical and design commitee, security, health and safety, logistics, contest and bazaar.
      the stalls, food, gimikan you are talking about fall on bazaar.

      NOTE TO ALL PEEPS- bukas pa ang mga committees na 'to and we are still in need of
      manpower for the event. for those interested, e-mail me or nutz before saturday...
      then attend the may 5 meeting at artfarm, 1 pm.

      ><the misao auction booth sounds nice! but i am _so_ broke. i hope i get to save a sufficient amount of money until the end of june.>

      you can do it ia-san! <pompoms in the air>

      ><why do i feel more comfortable asking here instead of in pinoy otaku? bakit parang eto yung con ml, hindi lang pinoy cosplaying?>
      iba naman kasi ang topic na pinag-uusapan sa poml. mas loose tayo rito kasi
      marami na ang magkakaibigan at saka magkakakilala dati pa. marami rin naman akong kaibigan sa
      poml... kaso most of them are lurkers, may mga bagong peeps na rin ngayon. another thing kung bakit mas comfortable kang magtanong dito kasi sobrang serious ng mga post sa p.o. nakaka-miss tuloy yung dati.

      con ml? maybe because cosplaying is the main attraction of every convention and most of
      the peeps here are volunteers for the event.

      >[2: from con to concert <o, bagay naman e.>]
      >"oo nga noh..di na cosplay... its more of an anime concert!!! ^_^; pero like what paul said,, there is a HUGE possibility that we cant fit all those program in one day,,,, *sigh*,, maybe for the next con, ne?"
      yup, yup. i certainly hope so.

      >~ so, may sure outline na ba ng events? and, <whine> is it really gonna be at the araneta center? my gosh...

      visit www.artfarmasia.com/cosplaymanila for updates

      >[4: lightbulb moment]
      >ok, i know i'm lame. howzabout some autograph signing? <given na kasi ang picture-taking e.> i mean, since nagpapanggap na rin naman tayong mga chara, why don't we think of what we can write down if some fan comes up to us for a little piece of dedication?
      yun kung may magpapapirma nga sa atin ^-^

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