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4771Game Studio with Job Openings for Freelance Account Executives / In-House Account Executive

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  • Michael Rivero
    Oct 14, 2010
      Job Opening for Freelance Account Executives / In-House Account Executive
      Brief description:
      SATORI CG is a dynamic international multimedia studio which that takes the
      creative, the funny, the clinically insane and the downright enjoyable and molds
      it into games that do all that and more.  Founded in April 2010, this rowdy
      bunch of bona fide gamers carries years of experience in next-gen console,
      mobile and arcade game development, as well as in design, creative advertising,
      creative marketing, online presence and merchandising.
      We twist, bend and warp pixels into cool looking shapes that tend to glue your
      eyes to the screen and fire up cerebral connections deep within your cortex. You
      call it – games. We call it – passion.
      Our aim is to make entertaining, fun, and innovative games, which are easy to
      learn but mostly - addictive to play.
      We are a currently working on a massively multiplayer online game but there are
      endless possibilities once you come on-board. We can’t really give further
      details about it, but if you wish to get your foot into the game development
      industry (or possibly raise your credentials if you’re already a part of it),
      then you are more than welcome to apply with us!
      Our newly established studio is currently located in Manila with its main
      headquarters in California, USA.
      Talents needed:

      Freelance Account Executive / In-House Account Executive
      ·         Reports to the Head of Operations, the Project Director and Producer.
      ·         Has the ability to nurture relationships with clients of varying
      industries, as well as has in-depth insights on clients’ business, history,
      brand positioning, USP and even closest competitors.
      ·         Can adapt to various working methodologies of software development and
      does effective correspondence for company’s work methodologies and clients’
      identity/corporate guidelines.
      ·         Can work well under pressure and deadlines; Possesses a strong work
      ethic and self-motivation, can work independently and to be self-directing.
      ·         Must have a great love for video games.
      ·         Graduate of Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations or any related
      course, with at least 2 years of experience.
      ·         Familiarity with Digital Media, Advergaming, Social Media is required.
      Knowledge in Software Development Methods is a plus.
      ·         Most importantly - you must love playing games and are familiar with
      different kind of game mechanics.
      How to Apply:
      Interested applicants may send the following to raphy@...:
      ·         A cover letter with your intention to apply with us, containing very
      brief summaries of your educational background, work history, and your love
      story with video games. We wish to see your passion for this industry, which is
      ·         Your resume with picture.
      ·         Compensation and Benefit Expectations
      Please make sure to put “ATTN: SATORI CG - Application for FREELANCE AE” in the
      subject line.

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