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  • dyan.ramos
    Feb 27, 2010
      THE CA2020 ENTREPRENEURIAL COURSE (Free Tuition) is brought to you by
      CreateAbundance2020 Business Community.

      The Free Wealth & Entrepreneurial Course is like studying "the
      psychology of wealth". Studies show that multi-millionaires & rich
      people have beliefs and values common to them that made them thrive in
      their businesses and overcome challenges in life.

      In The Free Wealth & Entrepreneurial Course, you will:
      * Uncover the positive & negative beliefs that have run your life for
      a long time;

      * Become aware of bad habits that stop you from getting rich &
      realizing your dreams;

      * Overcome negative emotions associated with money and wealthy

      * Learn the money management habits practised by the wealthy;

      * Start acting on your goals now by prioritizing what's important!

      * Know the different skills necessary to succeed in business,

      All the multi-millionaires when interviewed would tell you the same
      thing -- focus on your financial education first! The universal law
      states that if your your mind & being ARE ready for lifelong wealth, it
      SHALL be given to you.

      The Schedules of The Free Wealth & Entrepreneurial Course are:
      ALABANG (Alabang Town Center) 3-6pm or 6-9pm Tuesday,Thursday
      MAKATI (Paseo de Roxas) 3-6pm or 6-9pm Wednesday, Thursday
      ORTIGAS (Shangri-La Mall) 3-6pm or 6-9pm Monday, Tuesday
      QUEZON CITY (Trinoma) 3-6pm or 6-9pm Monday, Wednesday
      Those outside Metro Manila -- ONLINE WEALTH COURSES are scheduled

      *Note: The Free Wealth & Entrepreneurial Course is a Focused Group
      Discussion (maximum of 3 participants in a group). It was designed to
      be personalized so that all the participants get the chance to raise
      their concerns, and have their questions answered.

      (1) Sign-up on www.ca2020.net <http://www.ca2020.net/> {an invite
      from Dyan Ramos} AND
      (2) Send these information to 0929-5514774 OR 0915-2948858
      (name/age/occupation/cellphone number/intention for attending)

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