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4639Shameless plug! Visit Cosplay.ph!

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  • Hellwalker
    Jun 1, 2006
      Filipino cosplayers can now enjoy their own little corner of the
      Cosplay World through Cosplay.ph where you can get the latest news on
      the Philippine Cosplay Scene, as well as a place to put your latest
      cosplay pictures for all to see.

      You can also contribute articles, essays and opinions about anything
      cosplay related. Cosplay.ph provides a the voice and the visuals
      available for everyone to access, read and see.

      Things about Cosplay.ph (taken from Cosplay.ph's FAQ Page.)

      What is cosplay.ph?
      Cosplay.ph is a profit-free community dedicated to bringing you the
      very best of cosplay in the Philippines. Everything you'd want to know
      about past, present or future cosplay events, you can get here!

      Who created cosplay.ph?
      The notion of creating a cosplay website was something being
      entertained by Mina (owner and administrator of the
      http://filcosplay.tk boards) as early as 2004. Cosplay.ph was a joint
      effort of many of the filcosplay moderators.

      What groups is cosplay.ph closely affiliated with?
      Cosplay.ph is proud to have Filcosplay (found only at
      http://www.filcosplay.tk) and the Pinoy Cosplay Mailing List (found
      only at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pinoy_cosplay/) as her sister
      sites. Any other groups claiming sister affiliation are not
      acknowledged by cosplay.ph

      What do I get as a member?
      - you can upload a 100x100 avatar of your choice
      - you can comment in news, articles, etc. and give your own input
      regarding certain events or topics
      - you can submit your own news, articles and links (subject to
      approval by admin)
      - you can have your own cosplay gallery linked on our members gallery page
      - you can privately message other fellow members
      - you can have your very own (albeit limited) personal page to go with
      your members' profile
      - you can join our shoutbox and mingle with other felow members in

      Can I volunteer to be an administrator as well?
      As of now, we are not lacking in administrators as of the moment. We
      will however, be announcing staff openings on the main page whenever
      it is needed. Keep in mind that you must be dedicated to helping your
      fellow admins out and be very committed to the site before you even
      think of volunteering. smile.gif

      Can I submit articles / news / links?
      Articles are welcomed, but there is no guarantee that sending in an
      article means getting it published on the site, as these will only be
      up to the administrators in charge of that section. Please do submit
      by logging in, then clicking on the "Submit Articles" link on the left
      if you want to submit articles, "Submit News" if you want to offer
      some latest news, and so on.

      Can I submit fanart / fanfiction to the site?
      Currently, cosplay.ph will not be accepting fanart / fanfic
      submissions, though this may change in the future.

      Why doesn't cosplay.ph have its own forums?
      Cosplay.ph was the brainchild of the administrator and moderators
      behind filcosplay.tk, and we love those boards too much to make a new
      forum and force everyone to register there again. smile.gif Moreover,
      the boards over at filcosplay.tk also offer more features and options
      than the ones being available using the system cosplay.ph is using,
      including easier navigation.

      Where is the cosplay.ph forums located then?
      The official cosplay.ph forum is over at http://filcosplay.tk, or

      I registered already at cosplay.ph, do I still have to register at
      Yes. sad.gif See the previous "Why doesn't cosplay.ph have its own
      forums?" question for the reasons why.

      So we hope you can enjoy and be proud of having our own Philippine
      cosplay hub for us and the world to see.

      You may check out our own Cosplay.ph forum section for any question
      and updates about the site. Go to FC's Cosplay.ph

      To check our Cosplay.ph, just go to http://www.cosplay.ph and enjoy!
      And spread the love! Spread the news about Cosplay.ph!
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