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4555An appeal for visual aids

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  • Joy Bordador
    Nov 8 8:48 AM
      Hello all! I am finally back from the dead. :D Hope everyone else is doing great yes?

      Anyways, I would like to ask you all for a favor... a really, REALLY huge favor.

      Would any of you fellow cosplayers past and present be willing to scan your pictures from previous (circa 2003 and older) conventions? I hope to use it for a little shrine built on the foundations and ashes of Pinoy_Cosplay - HOW VERY P_C. I would prefer the maximum resolution to be 300 dpi, and any size would do, just as long as they are clear and need minimum Photoshop retouching. :D

      Maybe we could have a group chat about the good old days...

      Damn I miss you all! <sniffles and gathers everyone for a big bear group hug>

      Thanks heaps!

      Princess of Wind and Air
      Green-Minded Fox Goddess
      Crusader of Truth, Love and Justice
      Open-minded Broadcast Communicator
      Former ICTUSian Idol (Back when I was more active...)

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