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4548Hello! Regarding our ML

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  • Noelle De Guzman
    Nov 7, 2005
      Hi everyone! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Noelle De
      Guzman, and I am the creator of the Pinoy Cosplay Mailing List. I've
      effectively ceded moderation rights to Joy Bordador (Haruka-chan),
      but I decided to come out of the woodwork and change one thing about
      our ML. I've opened our archives to viewing by everyone so that
      people doing a search for "Pinoy Cosplay" can find their way here to
      our mailing list, get an inkling about what we're about, and
      hopefully join us. Fun fun fun, right? ^.^~

      I've also been in talks with the owner of PinoyCosplay.com, with
      whom WE WILL NOT BE MERGING. I believe our identity must be kept
      intact, and thus pinoy_cosplay@yahoogroups.com will remain a
      SEPARATE and INDEPENDENT community.

      Pinoy Cosplay ML has a long and proud history; not only is it a
      mailing list, but it is also a group of people with a distinct
      identity in the Philippine cosplay community on the Internet. We are
      the FIRST and ORIGINAL Pinoy Cosplay.

      Anyway that's it! Thanks for all your time, and keep up the good

      Noelle ^.^~
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