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4113Re: Re: [pinoy_cosplay] greetings from singapore

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  • Jocelyn C Bordador
    Jan 2, 2003
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      pinoy_cosplay@yahoogroups.com wrote:

      >Heya! it's nice to see someone from Singapore
      >attending our local anime event! Hope to meet ya next
      >conventions here. And hey, you're right! A
      >singpore-philippines cosplay event would be so cool.
      >Umm..i tried to access your site, but it's not working
      >for me ;_;

      Welcome Witchblade!!! ~______________________~

      I'm Haruka, also from Cosplayers' World. Pleased to know you've come for the ride. ^_____________________^ Hope you enjoy your stay!!!

      The Princess of Wind and Air,
      Aka Nurse Joy (blame my Poke-happy friends for this -_-;;;)
      NOT A Member of the Sex Bomb Dancers, Even if Streetkids Say Otherwise
      Resident Fox Goddess of Flip Otaku-run MLs
      Youngest Moderator of the Pinoy_Cosplay and YYHREN MLs
      Owner of Kaka Fun Club ML
      Moderator of the Anything-Goes RPG and the Sailor_Moon_NH RPG
      Crusader for Peace, Truth and Justice

      "May the blessings of God (Goddess) be with us, always." ^_^

      EDSAMAIL. Internet the way YOU WANT IT.
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