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3885Anime2Xtreme Anime Survey at WeAreAnime.com

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  • matric_aros
    Jul 2, 2002
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      WeAreAnime.com is conducting an interactive anime survey for
      Anime2Xtreme's upcoming film showing. Visit
      http://www.weareanime.com to cast your vote. At the main page,
      scroll down and click on the Anime2Xtreme Anime Survey link.

      Here are the list of anime to vote in:

      - Chobits
      - Mahoromatic
      - Rahxephon
      - Vandread : The 2nd Stage
      - .hack//SIGN
      - Happy Lesson
      - Tokyo Underground
      - Hoshi No Koe
      - Fruits Basket

      Casting vote is in real-time. You may only choose one anime to cast
      a vote.

      WeAreAnime "Anime2Xtreme Anime Survey" webpage section and programme
      are copyrighted by WeAreAnime.com © 2002 WeAreAnime.com, All Rights

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