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  • H T M
    Jun 1 9:22 AM
      Welcome Karin! ^_^

      As the youngest moderator of the group and part of the official welcoming committee, I would like to formally welcome you and introduce you to the group. ^_^

      First, here are some things you MUST remember:
      1) PLEASE KEEP OFF-TOPIC POSTS TO A MINIMUM. This is nothing like our spin-off group, Cosplayer's World, and for every solely OT message a corresponding punishment must be issued. We are very sorry for this, but we would like to keep it a cosplay-related ML only. Of course, since you are new here, your introductory message won't be taken as such. ^_^
      2) NO FLAMING OR FIGHTING IN THIS ML. We want to keep everything harmonious and peachy-keen here, so please help us keep it that way! ^_^
      3) PLEASE FOLLOW THE RULES. It's for your own good, trust me. ^_^
      4) Last but not least ... HAVE FUN!

      About the cons, well, we just finished sashaying down the WAA "catwalk/aisle" today, June 1st, at Mayon Corporate Office(base of Cyclone Animation, one of the organizers)'s rooftop. ^-^ Right now the AXN con is still tentatively scheduled in July, but it's like this - we'll let you know when we (the mods) know. Ok lang? ^-~

      That said, welcome aboard, and enjoy your stay! ^-~


      PS ::nudges Mitsuki/Vany-chan:: Psst, imouto-chan, it's your turn na! ^.~