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  • Noelle De Guzman
    Jan 9, 2001
      > Konbanwa Noelle-chan! Minna!


      > I couldn't resist! A Cosplay ML! I'm relatively new to Cosplay
      >myself. So I would love to get ideas on props and sewing techniques
      >and make-up. So far, I've done relatively simple, make-up less

      I think we're all here to learn... ^_^ But I'm browsing around
      egroups for cosplay mls too, so I can forward stuff to this ml.

      >My bestfriend wants to dress up as Ruby Moon, but she
      >hasn't moved on searching for materials yet... so I very much doubt
      >it if she will actually make it.

      We had a Ruby Moon at the AnimeXplosion 2000... she was fantastic!
      Unfortunately not a lot of people recognized her.

      > Of course my closet looks kinda weird now.

      Mine will too... eventually. @o@

      Anyway, minna-san, welcome to the Pinoy Cosplay ML! Hopefully we'll
      have a great time discussing something we all love!

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