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181Re: [pinoy_cosplay] [Slightly OT] I went on a wild goose chase...

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  • GeM iLy
    Feb 4, 2001
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      --- Mumsy Minami <bishmiko@...> wrote:
      > .. yesterday looking for Culture Crash. ^-^
      > Do you know that there aren't any copies in BOTH
      > National Bookstores in Rob Place AND SM City?! And
      > Comic Quest didn't have copies of it yet either. --'

      hay naku... ive checked out those places din in Rob
      place! Reader's corner has questor but no CC4. (good
      thing my bro. bought already bought one..) COmic
      odyssey has neither Questor nor CC4 (the horror~) so i
      ended up buying my first Blade of the Immortal manga
      ^^;) comic alley in SM Manila probably has it.. yun
      nga lang its a ride away pa (compared to ROb)..

      > I scoured EVERY bookstore and magazine store in Rob
      > and SM and I couldn't find it! ('Yung nabili ko
      > Questor... comments later.) Just when I thought it
      > was getting hopeless, I tried Comic Alley in SM City
      > as a last resort. THANK GOD... just as I was about
      > to ask the girl behind the counter if they have
      > Culture Crash, I saw it on a shelf with the
      > mangas!!! ^o^ Yey!

      Congrats Minami-chan!~ hehe

      > Moral of the story: Never lose hope, especially if
      > you're part-goddess, hehehehe... >�


      > Anyway, they DID downgrade the paper quite a bit,
      > but it hasn't affected much of the quality of the
      > art so it's okay. ^^ And the comments on the cosplay
      > article were pretty cool. (Actually, even their
      > small 'hirits' for the fanarts weren't offensive.)

      well, the downgrading of the paper was hardly
      noticeable, as long as the content is great,
      anything's fine ^_^ CC4's da bomb! my bro's wishing
      that he'd get to work for them or in that field ^^;

      > Question: What's with the honorable mention? Di
      > naman ako kasali sa mga AXN winners, a. *blink
      > blink*

      coz u were so kawaii! ^_^

      > Also, there was a two-page feature-interview
      > with.... TADADAAAN! The Animeseamstress! ^-^ Sugoi!
      > *bows to Lea*

      *bows din*

      > >-sake bottle (no particular anime, but this would
      > make an excellent
      > >add on to some costumes)
      > My friend gave me one for Christmas. ^^ They got it
      > somewhat cheap, I think, somewhere in Cartimar.
      > (Sabi nila they saw the same thing in Makati, but it
      > was priced higher. 0_0)

      Sake's really expensive here ne? we were supposed to
      order one when we went out for dinner but the cost of
      one small bottle of sake turned out to be as expensive
      as the cost of our whole dinner bill.. -_-;

      > Sake bottles usually go best with characters like
      > Sano and Hiko. ^0^

      hehehe hai haI! i was supposed to say that it would
      also go well with Misato-san but i remembered that she
      drank beer and not sake ^^;

      > There used to be a lot of Sailormoon stuff in Toy
      > Kingdom, but now the whole department is GONE.

      i noticed that too. and theyre trying to get rid of
      their old stock. the small chibi figures of the
      Sailormoon characters are being sold at P54+ when
      their price used to be 174+

      > "Fall is the operative term.
      > Not walk, leap, or glide, but fall.
      > It implicates plummeting from a height,
      > incurring welts and bruises.
      > That's why it's called falling in love,
      > You either wind up maimed, or dead."
      > ~Jessica Zafra

      cool quote! Tamang tama for valentines ^______^


      " i would never want to fall in love.
      because it only brings pain."
      -some quote from some book

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