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164[Slightly OT] I went on a wild goose chase...

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  • Mumsy Minami
    Feb 1 3:56 AM
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      .. yesterday looking for Culture Crash. ^-^

      Do you know that there aren't any copies in BOTH National Bookstores in Rob Place AND SM City?! And Comic Quest didn't have copies of it yet either. --' I scoured EVERY bookstore and magazine store in Rob and SM and I couldn't find it! ('Yung nabili ko Questor... comments later.) Just when I thought it was getting hopeless, I tried Comic Alley in SM City as a last resort. THANK GOD... just as I was about to ask the girl behind the counter if they have Culture Crash, I saw it on a shelf with the mangas!!! ^o^ Yey!

      Moral of the story: Never lose hope, especially if you're part-goddess, hehehehe... >�

      Anyway, they DID downgrade the paper quite a bit, but it hasn't affected much of the quality of the art so it's okay. ^^ And the comments on the cosplay article were pretty cool. (Actually, even their small 'hirits' for the fanarts weren't offensive.)

      Question: What's with the honorable mention? Di naman ako kasali sa mga AXN winners, a. *blink blink*

      Now, my comments on Questor: I forgot who said this before, I think it was Noelle, but girl, they must have heard your comment on posters! ^.^ They now have "detached" full-length posters, 2 in fact: one of MKR and another of the seven Suzaku seishii. (CUTE!)

      Also, there was a two-page feature-interview with.... TADADAAAN! The Animeseamstress! ^-^ Sugoi! *bows to Lea*
      Who was asking about the two kenshins at the anicon? Well, it just so happens that I know both of them! ^0^ Hehehehe... actually, some of the guys in the ml know the male kenshin; as for the female Kenshin, maybe Charles-dearest can help you in that respect? ^.^
      >-sake bottle (no particular anime, but this would make an excellent
      >add on to some costumes)

      My friend gave me one for Christmas. ^^ They got it somewhat cheap, I think, somewhere in Cartimar. (Sabi nila they saw the same thing in Makati, but it was priced higher. 0_0)

      Sake bottles usually go best with characters like Sano and Hiko. ^0^

      Sano: Hey!!!!!! I resent that! *pouts*
      Minami: -Biiiiiiiiiiii!- >�

      >I saw a Sailormoon wand-thingy in Robinsons Galleria Department Store.

      There used to be a lot of Sailormoon stuff in Toy Kingdom, but now the whole department is GONE. (WAH.) They had the Chibimoon brooch, the Sailormoon brooches for both R and S series, the cutie moon rod (SMoon R), Sailormoon's other rod from S series, the Moonstick, Chibimoon's heart-shaped rod thingie... ^^;;;;;; Gah, it was so complete! I think they even lit up and everything.

      I saw this one item before that looked like a music box with plastic/crystal Sailor senshi on top. It was pretty! I don't think they have it now though. Sayang.

      Hmm........ back to studying!

      "Fall is the operative term.
      Not walk, leap, or glide, but fall.
      It implicates plummeting from a height,
      incurring welts and bruises.
      That's why it's called falling in love,
      You either wind up maimed, or dead."
      ~Jessica Zafra
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