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  • inachan
    Jan 9, 2001
      Konbanwa Noelle-chan! Minna!

      I couldn't resist! A Cosplay ML! I'm relatively new to Cosplay myself. So I
      would love to get ideas on props and sewing techniques and make-up. So far,
      I've done relatively simple, make-up less characters.

      So far, I've been attending Anime conventions for the past three years. I normally
      attend 2 conventions a year here in Toronto. Last year, I only got to attend
      one due to obligations (Damned concert...). This will be my fourth year. And
      I'm hoping that I get to save up enough money to actually go to Otakon 2001!
      Its the major North American Anime convention here in the East side. The West
      has the Ex. But I didn't start participating in cosplays until the 2nd Con I
      attended two years ago. I did a simple "Faye Valentine" costume.

      Last year, my sister, my bestfriend, and I dressed up as Tomoyo and Sakura and
      Syaoran. Thanks to my CCS obsession. Syaoran's costume is a step more complicated
      than Faye Valentine. It's also the first time I worked on making a prop. Which
      inspired me for Hollowe'en. My brother dressed up in my Syaoran costume (I have
      some photographs. He looks better in it that me. ^_^. I'll scan 'em when I get
      the chance. He's 20 and he's single, BTW.) while I dressed up as Sakura in my
      sister's Tomoyo costume. I simply made the "Key of Capture" in the baton mode.
      My bestfriend lent her costume to my other bestfriend so she also dressed up
      as Sakure in battle costume. While she dressed up as the "Shadow Card". Which
      didn't really work because she couldn't stay in character... ^_^.

      On an off note, we entered the Syaoran costume for a Hollowe'en contest that
      a fabric store here was holding. And we won a $100 gift certificate! YAH! We're
      really proud of it! ^_^.

      So... This year, I'm continuing on with my CCS theme. I'm currently making a
      complete Yue costume. My bestfriend wants to dress up as Ruby Moon, but she
      hasn't moved on searching for materials yet... so I very much doubt it if she
      will actually make it.

      Yes. Yue is a BIG BIG BIG complicated step over Syaoran. The actual costume
      is fairly similar to Syaoran's battle costume, BUT my biggest problem was making
      light-weight, movable and aesthetic wings. Well... I suceeded in making it light-weight...
      it moves but it still relies on primitive hand flapping. I think I can get away
      with stringing the tips on my fingers then making them "fold" to the side...
      GYEH! I'll figure it out when I get it to interact with the rest of the costume.
      My wings are half-done and very proud of it. I would have finished it before
      Christmas... but I ran out of feathers! GRRRRRRRR! I can't find the feathers
      I need anywhere! It would seem that everyone wanted white feathers for their
      Christmas ornament crafts! As soon as the new shipment arrives, I'll finish

      My next problem is the hair. No way I'm putting color on my hair. Even the temporary
      ones. And I very much doubt that my hair will grow that long in a year. I bought
      one of those cheap wigs from Hollowe'en and use it as a model to make my own
      wig. Hopefully I won't screw it up.

      I finished the basic pants, I'm working on the undershirt now... then I'll start
      working on the overcoat. And finally, the wig. ^_^. Anywayz... our sewing machine
      is broken. I very much doubt that it will be fixed anytime soon... so I'm sewing
      everything by hand. Heh-heh... giving myself lots of time for June! And you
      know what! It actually starting to much better than my earlier machine-sewn
      Syaoran. (I'm basically recycling my patterns and modifying it).

      Of course my closet looks kinda weird now. Pretty soon, I'll have enough costumes
      in there to last several Anime conventions... ^_^. Heh-heh... its tradition
      to wear the previous year's costumes on the Friday and the Sunday. You wear
      your debut costume for the year on the Saturday Masquerade. ^_^.

      Okay! I'm done! Your turn now!


      "We cannot live in the past forever.
      The future is always ahead of us."

      - Clow Read from "Cardcaptor Sakura"
      Ep. 68 "Sakura and Clow Read's Past"

      e-mail: inachan@...
      homepage: http://inachan.isgenius.com
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