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Some letters opposing the RH Bill...

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  • suntoksabwan
    These were written to members of the legislature to show opposition to the RH Bill. I feel that they are well meaning and perhaps driven by a higher calling
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      These were written to members of the legislature to show opposition to the
      RH Bill. I feel that they are well meaning and perhaps driven by a higher
      calling (no mysticism here) since there is really nothing to profit from
      this kind of lobbying.

      They are not representative of the whole body of text written to oppose the
      bill in question, but they should give you an idea on the sentiments going
      around among the antis. They are also not that hard to argue against ^_^ .
      There is however a text written by a doctor that took a different approach.
      Now that one was hard to counter. I'll try to find it again and scan it for
      you people to go over.

      Some of these letters are really amusing - not in a deprecating kind of
      way. ^_^

      They are kinda long though (sigh)...

      PS. Is there an atheist here who is anti RH? It would be interesting to
      hear your reasons for opposing the Bill.


      A Position Paper on
      Why I do not consider the Reproductive Health Bill
      as a solution to our poverty problem.

      Just Can't Get Enough

      It seems that there are just too many people: public transportations are so
      crowded, government hospitals are overflowing, the spread of squatter areas
      is uncontrollable, prices keep going up and employment level is going down.
      Without a doubt, our government has to do something to redeem us from these
      marks of poverty.

      But further analyzing these, we will realize that the cause cannot be simply
      tagged as overpopulation. It is easy to slide into this conclusion if we
      regard each person as a just another mouth to feed. But would it not be a
      more educated outlook to regard each person as an asset who possesses a mind
      that thinks and a heart that loves? I doubt if any of us would accept that
      we be personally regarded as a liability or worse, as a burden. Thus, if we
      refuse this loose labeling, would we not also hold back any judgment to even
      consider a pregnancy as a threat to our economy and will make us poorer?

      Other countries like Japan and in Europe had long ceased to believe in
      overpopulation. What are the proofs to this? We need not look far: we
      witness more and more Filipino families and professionals being welcomed
      with open doors in Canada, New Zealand and other Scandinavian nations. They
      need us and the influx of migrants filled-in their dwindling work force.

      Governments from some of these countries are now getting involved to reverse
      the contraceptive mentality and instead encourage not only to have more
      children but also to have two-parent stable family lives. Take the example
      of Russia: their depopulation problem is not only critical but even
      described as desperate. Last year, their government under Vladimir Putin
      declared a Day of Family, Love and Fidelity. This new holiday is among their
      latest attempts to remedy population decline. In this celebration,
      long-married couples with children even received medals, couples were
      encouraged to stay home on that day with the hope that in conceiving, the
      mothers give birth by June 12. They even set up bench of reconciliation in
      order to invite couples to sit and settle their differences.

      Not only that, 2008 was declared in Russia as The Year of the Family with an
      all out campaign to encourage marriage and child-bearing, even giving
      financial incentives for women to have more children. Posters with slogan
      "The State needs your records" with pictures of a mother with three
      identical babies, are seen around Moscow. Their new president, Dmitri
      Medvedev, aims to continue the State's moves for Russians to have more

      Despite these efforts, the Russian officials remain wary if these are enough
      to make up for the lost time. For this year alone, a loss of 667,000 people
      in Russia is projected due to high death rate. This further shrinks their
      low population to another half percent.

      What are these scenarios abroad trying to tell us? If these countries are
      debunking the overpopulation principle and instead are in an all-out
      campaign for more babies and stable families, how come we seem to refuse to
      learn from these hard lessons?

      I highly encourage the public to read the bill on debate thoroughly and make
      a critique IF the Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2007
      is what our country really needs and where the budget should really go.
      Numerous articles from highly-acclaimed magazines such as Newsweek, Time and

      Economist attest to the depopulation problem and high abortion rates being
      experienced in many nations that have long implemented a massive
      contraceptive and sex education campaign. Now, they are reaping the bitter
      fruits. Would we even dare consider planting these seeds of infertility?

      An ounce of prevention is not only better, but moreso wiser than a pound of
      cure. Are we so unwise to still employ a solution that has proven to
      germinate even more problems? Wont it be plain foolish to even risk making
      the same mistake?

      Our country indeed needs to take decisive strides towards poverty
      alleviation and economic progress. I am petitioning our government to rather
      invest their attention and funds in increasing the literacy, quality and
      affordable education and professional competitiveness of Filipinos. I, for
      one, would not want the precious tax money deducted from my salary to go
      down the drain with mere distribution of pills and teaching kids how to use
      the condoms (among other campaigns that the bill will propagate). I want it
      invested in empowering persons.

      Equipped with education and training, the Filipinos have proven their worth
      in their professional competitiveness abroad. The Filipinos are everywhere
      and we can go anywhere. Their remittances are our great source of hope to
      keep our economy afloat. We need more of them, we need them right here in
      our country.

      We have to drown poverty with abundance of education and skills training. We
      need an educated and highly-skilled population. With these assets, shall we
      even fear overpopulation? Instead, maybe we will even find ourselves saying
      that we just can't get enough of these people.

      Quezon City


      Your ******:

      I am a concerned Filipino citizen, and I do oppose any legislative measure
      that promulgates reproductive health a.k.a promotion of modern
      contraceptives in Philippine society.

      I am aware that you may just dismiss this e-mail as coming from an ordinary
      citizen, but I am hoping against all hope that you will consider what I have
      to say.

      I am a Catholic, and I am an advocate of Pro-Life. I understood the
      importance of life and love because I have undergone a past without it. I
      am a person with same-sex attractions, a former homosexual if you may put it
      that way. I have been through a life of sexual promiscuity and intense
      emotional dependencies, and I have done homosexual practices in an unsafe
      and already promiscuous society. I have been deep into the homosexual
      lifestyle looking for love and thought I was enjoying life - but I was
      wrong. Life literally was drawn from me through my sexual conduct and I was
      not finding true love anywhere. Only when I found the strength from Above
      to finally stop having sex did I find truth, life and love. Chaste
      friendships is what I needed. I came back to life after that dark past.

      The reproductive health bills and the promotion of modern contraceptives has
      no other ultimate end but the sexual liberation of society. Promoting
      'safer sex' invites the Filipino to explore the immense possibilities of
      perverting the sexual faculty of man without the responsibilities that
      accompany it. And why not? Mass communications has already laid the
      seedbed for promiscuity thanks to the glaring use of pornography in
      advertising (with gigantic billboards), glossy magazines, cheap tabloids,
      primetime television and "indie films". And there is no legislative measure
      passed against such violation of censorship - labeling everything as "a work
      of art" or "entertainment". I have learned the homosexual lifestyle through
      pornographic materials, and no one has placed their foot down on the
      industry of pornography even just for the sake of the future generations.
      And the solution that you present to us? - Bring in the condoms and IUD's
      and pills for
      our parents (and our kids) to have 'safe sex'.

      These are the three points that I hope you will consider:

      1. There is no such thing as SAFE SEX

      Condoms do not protect against HIV-AIDS and other viruses that carry
      sexually transmitted diseases since these viruses are more "filtrating"
      (able to pass through) than sperms.

      IUD's are floated in the uterus of the woman that kills any ovum that wants
      to attach itself to the placenta (there are cases wherein the ovum survives
      the IUD but when the growing fetus comes across the IUD, it kills the baby
      in the womb.

      Pills are known to carry ingredients that cause breast cancer and other
      related diseases.

      Unsuccessful contraception leads to abortion - that is why modern
      contraceptive methods are abortifacients. Contraception does not prevent
      conception 100%. When contraceptives fail, what do we do? When
      contraceptives bring in congenital defects on a "failed contraception"
      unborn child, what do we do? When the law proposes a two-child policy and
      failed contraception comes, what do we do? For population control fanatics,
      it means killing the "stubborn piece of flesh" in the mother's womb -

      "Safe sex" does not provide a "safer society" either. Do you believe that
      using government funds to provide condoms and contraceptives to the public
      will lessen incidents of sexual crimes? Does not the law entice and promote
      sex outside the sanctity of marriage in whatever form? Incest, rape,
      fornication, teenage pregnancy or prostitution, early sexualization in
      children - will all the more be hidden when the women-victims are prevented
      from conceiving. After all, does the law state that only married couples
      are to use contraceptives? Are we encouraging our young people to have
      sex? Are we saying that our youth are not capable of controlling their
      sexual appetites that we rather give them condoms so they could have "safe

      2. Population control is not the answer to Poverty

      Most countries view people as a natural resource. There is potential in
      every human person. Why is it that we will start treating new born babies
      as "liabilities" and not as "assets"? Because most of them are born in poor
      families? Is it not the responsibility of the government to train its
      people to become productive citizens of the land?

      When things get tough, we can easily point fingers at the poor. But what
      does the poor have? Nothing. And that is why we throw the blame at the
      growing population of the poor just because they have nothing - because we
      have taught them nothing about how to be productive citizens of the land -
      because we give dole outs to them and especially prey on them during
      elections using guns, goons and gold to get their votes. And then we blame
      them for knowing nothing, for doing nothing, for being nothing.

      The root cause of poverty lies in our very backyard - corruption. And it is
      easier to cut off the population than to cut off corruption. But corruption
      is the main cause why vital services to the poor are not being met, why
      countless children of the poor are left uneducated or under-educated, why
      opportunities are not being offered (except for dole-outs) to the poor to
      enable them to stand on their own and make themselves productive for the
      sake of their families and their land.

      Gawad Kalinga gives us a glimpse of the answer to poverty. Let us rather be
      on the field as concerned citizens (if not legislators), helping our
      brothers and sisters get rid of their "slum mentality" and enabling them to
      learn the tricks of different trades (education, housing, livelihood,
      health, community development) that will enable them to be independent.

      Or is it because we want them to remain dependent? And helpless? And so
      throw the blame on their growing population and their irresponsible

      Instilling proper values to the poor takes time and effort and needless to
      say - sweat and blood. Proper values like becoming good spouses and parents
      and citizens of the country through discipline, honesty, integrity. But
      we'd rather give them condoms instead - no sacrifice, and a "little"
      kickback money from international pharmaceutical companies and international
      organizations that promotes contraception and population control.

      3. Countries that promoted contraceptives are now reaping the side effects

      Have you ever heard of "birth dearth"? How the countries of developed
      nations that have adopted the contraceptive policy years ago are now
      undergoing lower birth rates? Have you noticed why many Filipinos are being
      hired abroad as nurses and care givers because of their aging population?
      How families are now being prioritized for immigration because of the lack
      of families in the developed countries? People are the nation's pride and
      greatest resource. Yet some nations are now missing its mark on
      population. They are losing their people.

      Cases of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases are growing in enormous
      proportions in countries that have adopted the contraceptive stand. "In
      1984 Thailand had 112 cases of AIDS, the Philippines had 135 cases. In
      2003, after Thailand embraced the 100% Condom Use Program they had 750,000
      cases of AIDS, versus the Philippines having only 1,935 cases." (The Case
      Against Condoms by Dr. Brian Clowes - HLI).

      Are we to follow their path? Are we dumb to follow a path that was traveled
      by others and have failed?
      Just because other countries have adopted such a policy doesn't mean we have
      to follow suit.

      Or are we inclined to do such just because international policies demands we
      do it, otherwise loans and financial help will not come? Are we to
      sacrifice our people just because big companies that support the
      contraceptive industry where we get financial help are requiring us to do

      Are we not independent enough to think about the good of our own people
      without the influences of outside forces? Are we to just blindly follow
      their lead to the destruction of the family and of our worth as a Filipino
      nation? Are we still to think about the myths of "population explosion"
      when the people of all the "rich" nations are now "getting old" without
      their next generation to sustain them?

      Again, I am just an ordinary citizen concerned about the legislative
      measures that your good office would want to pursue.
      More than a moral issue, this is an issue of loyalty and trust towards the
      Filipino people.
      I have presented some points for your consideration as objectively as
      possible, though I may not be able hide my sentiments since this is also a
      personal issue for me as a Filipino and as a man of God.

      I am praying for your utmost openness to the points I have raised, and I
      pray that you will also pray for whatever may be your decision on the
      reproductive health bills.

      Remember that as a legislator, you are accountable not only to the Filipino
      people but to God.

      God bless and guard your heart.

      In Christ,
      Courage Philippines


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