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  • doug john
    Fellow atheists, I received an email from Acharya S. regarding Hersi Ali which suggested I sign the petition that requested protection for Hersi Ali from the
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      Fellow atheists,

      I received an email from Acharya S. regarding Hersi Ali which suggested I sign the petition that requested protection for Hersi Ali from the Dutch government against Moslem extremists and pass the message on for others to sign, I complied with her requests.

      I received some email back from another Yahoo group I subscribe to and received in return some anti Hersi Ali views one of which I passed on to Acharya.

      Please note at this stage I greatly admired Acharya for the books she has written, unfortunately from the initial positive email the matter degenerated. I asked Acharya if I could send on our emails and have received no reply. I therefore believe it is no unfair to her for me to pass these on since she is a public figure, not a private one in that sense, and that her publicly stated views should be open to criticism.


      Acharya first email.

      Thanks for doing that, Doug.

      As I recall, she changed her name so that her family wouldn't track her down and find her, possibly subjecting her to an "honor killing." That someone would criticize her for this fact goes to show what low character the "liberals" have attained in their defense of any horror that comes across their path, so long as it is in opposition to the status quo.

      This name-change issue is an ad hom - and a very stupid one at that. As I've said before, the lefty liberals have so lost their moral compass on the subject of Islam that they have driven me straight into the Neocon camp on this issue. They're disgusting, in fact, and while they flagellate themselves and those around them, hundreds of girls and women are being horribly disfigured every week. In their bleeding heart stance at defending the despicably oppressive and violent cult of Islam, they completely ignore its millions of
      victims. Absolutely disgraceful.

      When this Steve person has had his genitals hacked off at the age of five and then sewn together, leaving a tiny hole, to be ripped open on his "wedding" night, then he will have some right to criticize Hirsi Ali for fleeing her arranged marriage and speaking out against the horrors of Islam. Until then, not.

      Be sure to pass along this lovely image - it's not Hirsi Ali but it does represent the radical mutilation that she and millions of Somali girls and women have endured over the many centuries this evil has gone on.”



      Dear Acharya,

      You label those of us that are reluctant to be carried into another world war, this time possibly with nuclear weapons, on the present wave of Islamophobia as “Leftist Liberals.” And therefore you have been driven by this into the “Neocon camp” Wow!

      Are you talking about the Neocons that have turned Iraq into a horrible destructive quagmire? The Neocons that have the support of Fundamentalist Christians? The Neocons who have a born again Christian fundamentalist President within their ranks who talks to god. The Neocons who now want to extend the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to Syria and Iran? The Neocons who slaughtered 4 million people in Indo China? Need I go on?

      Acharya, I understand your revulsion about the excesses of Moslem fundamentalists but try and balance that with the death and destruction that is being wrought on Moslems by the mightiest military power the world has ever seen,(which claims to be Christian,) mostly for oil profits.

      Surely Acharya you are jumping from the pot into the fire in a big way. Your accusation “Lost your moral compass.” could surely be directed back at you? Do you support the detention of people without trial and without Habeas Corpus and the redefining of torture as described in the Geneva Convention by your Bush Cabal leaders as “robust interrogation?” Do you really believe these characters have the moral high ground?

      Your statement “In their (the leftist liberals) bleeding heart stance at defending the despicably oppressive and violent cult of Islam, they completely ignore its millions of victims. Absolutely disgraceful.” In parenthesis mine

      That is surely the biggest straw man imaginable, and is totally beyond the realm of all reason, logic and balance and I for one reject it most vociferously.

      I hope you will be still comforted in your cocoon of extreme right wing conservatism, (which has many parallels with Nazism,) if and when their war for the complete domination of the world starts.

      The fact that you can be driven so easily into the Neocon Camp speaks volumes of the strength of your political convictions and morals.

      I will still, despite your venomous outburst against views like mine, will maintain a balanced view of what forces are the most dangerous to world peace at the moment; I will still oppose the excesses of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. I will still avidly read your work on religion and whilst doing so hope that your passion, though commendable, will not lead you into the arms of the devil. Acharya please think again where you are going with this, it is such a distraction from the rest of your most admirable work.

      Regards Doug Adam


      Acharya S <acharya_s@...> wrote:
      FYI, I had already made the Neocon remark regarding Islam in my
      previous blog post regarding the violent oppression of women in Islam.
      Following that post is the one about Hirsi Ali. Perhaps you would like
      to pass this link along to your group as well, since you are in the
      mood to expose my views:


      Many of my REAL views, including my utter repugnance to man's
      inhumanity to man, are also represented on my blog, without someone
      else putting inane words in my mouth.




      Dear Acharya,

      What happened to the Acharya that taught me so much about the bible, the Acharya that has been instrumental in bringing a great measure of coherence to my atheist views, the Acharya that was fearless in “exposing” her views to the world? Who is the Acharya now wishes to “hide her light under a bushel?”

      It would have been extremely hard to twist your statement regarding “Bleeding Heart lefty liberals, who are disgusting.” That shot gun approach in my view hits a lot of people who read and support your views, people who are appalled by Islamic fundamentalists. People who notwithstanding their abhorrence of Sharia law do not fall into line with the Neocon war profiteers. People who take heed of President Eisenhower when he said words to the effect that the main threat to world peace is the Industrial Military complex. People who believe this complex has an unholy alliance with Christian fundamentalists. People like me.

      It is gratifying that your Neocon credentials go only so far as their view of Islam. But Acharya it is exactly their myopic view of Islam that gives them the justification, to bomb Islamic nations and to seek control of their resources. When a Moslem country is occupying U.S. and U.K. territory and threatening other ‘Christian” countries with nuclear armed forces then one might have reason to flirt with the Neocons.

      But Acharya, how can the Neocons with their Fundamentalist supporters defeat another Fundamentalists group both of which use the same Abrahamic sources as justification for their actions? Acharya please, with you your many academic qualifications explain this apparent contradiction to me, a person with little formal education?

      Your main detractors would come from the Neocons, right? Your main supporters would come from “Lefty liberals,” right? Then why would you seek to antagonize your supporters. Perhaps you believe that by courting the Neocons they might suddenly rush to buy your books and so support your secular thoughts? That is bizarre of course but I can think of no other logical reason for your tentative move over to them.

      I have done my little bit to draw peoples attention to your writings and will continue to do so but I beg you, try and get a balance between the effects and dangers of Islamic and Christian fundamentalism.

      I signed the petition in support of Hirsi Ali despite my reservation of telling the Dutch how to spend their taxes, but the chance of striking a blow, no matter how feeble, against the horrors of Fundamentalist Islam trumped this reluctance.

      I am keenly aware that we are on the edge of an abyss which means there is a serious danger to world peace and the survival of the human species on this fragile planet. This in my opinion, takes precedence of every thing else, including the excesses of religious madness.

      You have the right to be upset with those who, without your permission, published your book on the internet and I must plead guilty to downloading it. My only defence is that I am an aged pensioner and have not the cash to pay for your book. To be able to read such a fabulous piece of work was too much of a temptation to me. If it is any consolation, which it probably isn’t, I found it inspiring. I hope you and God will forgive me.

      I would like to post this with your email to me to my atheist interlocutors, (please say if you agree or not) many of whom might be on your side in any case, I am a bit of a Maverick whose views are decidedly outside the main stream, for instance I take issue with my other two gurus Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, you being the third, but not necessarily in that order, on the question of where the greatest threat to peace emanates at this moment in time.

      Notwithstanding what I have said above the world is better for your writings and though this may seem ironic, more power to your elbow.

      Regards Doug Adam


      Acharya S <acharya_s@...> wrote:
      I don't appreciate such tricks, Doug. Previously those CHRISTIANS who
      have dishonestly tried to entrap me in this manner have been blocked
      from writing to me again.

      Very strange and unnecessary behavior. Needless to say, I'm quite
      sorry I responded to your missive, as you have shown yourself to be



      P.S. I'm sure you'll post this one to - on a discussion group that has
      pirated my book. Nice.


      Dear Acharya,

      Entrapment? I am too astounded to offer a reply

      Cheers Doug

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