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  • doug john
    The first casualty of the war is the truth This truism has been attributed to many people US including Senator Hiram Warren Johnson the staunchly isolationist
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      The first casualty of the war is the truth

      This truism has been attributed to many people US including Senator Hiram Warren Johnson the staunchly isolationist senator for California1917, "The Idler" magazine from 11/11/1758, Aeschylus Greek tragic dramatist (525 BC - 456 BC).Arguments will continue as to who first coined the phrase, however what cannot be argued is the truth contained in that phrase that wars start with lies?

      It was true when England attacked India, when Belgium attacked the Congo, when Italy attacked Ethiopia, when France attacked Algeria, when Spain and the US attacked the Philippines; most of these actions were to bring “Christianity” and/or “Law and Order” Now it would be described as bringing freedom and democracy to the hapless citizens of those countries. We all know that all those excuses were damned right lies! Still, they were believed by the citizens of the colonizing countries.

      Germany attacked The Sudentan land as a humanitarian act to rescue ethnic Germans from persecution; The Japanese attacked Manchuria again as a humanitarian act for the same reason. Blatant lies but believed by the overwhelming majority of the German and Japanese people.

      Recently we have the attack on Iraq for reasons that have now been thoroughly exposed as lies. Fortunately not many of the citizens of Britain and most of the world believed the lies in the first place. The most widely held belief was, and still is that OIL was the true reason for the invasion of Iraq. The reasons that were given are now being doubted by ever increasing numbers of American citizens. This at least offers some hope for the future.

      The First World War was supposed to have started because of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand the Crown prince of Austria-Hungary. The death of one man led to the deaths of millions throughout Europe?

      We now have the attack on Lebanon by Israel, the stated reasons given? For the rescue of two soldiers captured by terrorists? This has led to much destruction; hundreds of lives have been lost mostly of women and children. We are informed by our mass media that the reason given is true. Could this be here we go again more lies? Could religion play a part in this carnage?

      Regarding the actual capture, kidnapping which ever way one describes the event given as the reason for Israel to attack Lebanon, I doubt if precise facts will emerge now in the “Fog of War” Reports I have read indicate that the borders between Israel and Lebanon are ill defined. Some respectable news agencies report that the soldiers were taken from the Lebanese side of the border; this was stated by Hezbollah spokesmen. The Israelis contend they were taken from their side of the border, but who knows? There is evidence to suggest that the attack on Lebanon had been planned for a considerable time which only needed an excuse for its implementation. Whatever will finally emerge as the true account of the incident, will it justify the death and destruction now being perpetrated on innocent civilians in Lebanon? What is the real reason for this particular offensive? The answer to that will not however answer the real question which is, “What is the real cause of the
      Arab Jewish conflict in the first place”?

      the cause of the war is being propagated as a Defence against violent acts being perpetrated by evil Arabs for no good reason on a benign peaceful regime Israel. Once again the truth is the first casualty of this war.

      It is my firm opinion is that the cause of all the trouble in the Middle East was the mass migration of European Jews, based on bible promises, into Palestine that led to the dispossession of thousands of Arabs from their homes and the partition of their country The thousands of living refugees are stark evidence of that which some still try to deny along with those that deny the Holocaust.

      Attempts are made to deny this mass migration on the one hand and if that fails the other argument is fallen back on is that the Zionists did not base their drive for a homeland based in Palestine on a Religious mindset. It is generally accepted the Jews are followers of Judaism or, more generally, members of a Jewish people (also known as the Jewish nation, or Children of Israel). An ethno-religious group descended from the ancient Israelites. They used passages in the bible to support their claims. How can anyone honestly state that religion does not come into the equation? How can anyone believe that religion is not a part of the Jewish self image? I is their religion that binds them together as a people.

      It cannot be denied that the religion was and is being used for the mass migration of European Jews into Palestine and the dispossession of the Arabs who had previously lived there for centuries.

      It cannot be denied also that this dispossession was undertaken with terror, murder and ethnic cleansing, some of the survivors are alive today in refugee camps.

      The total population of Palestine was 500,000 of whom 47,000 were Jews who owned 0.5% of the land.

      JNF (Jewish National Fund) set up by the 5th Zionist congress to acquire land (in Palestine) and 'make it Jewish'

      The partition of Palestine took place under which the Palestinian Arabs, who accounted for 70% of the population and owned 92% of the land, were allocated 47% of the country.

      The demographics of Palestine were not changed dramatically by the birth rate nor by natural migration controlled by the target country but by a systematic plan of the Zionists to overcome the Arab population of Palestine with the mass migration of European Jews whose ancestors had lived in their European countries for centuries.

      Wave after wave of European Jews entered Palestine completely changed the demographics of the place as revealed in the following chart.

      % of Jews to Total














      1970 *








      Sources & Notes: Israeli - Palestinian ProCon.org


      November: 2nd British census in Palestine finds 1,035,154 people. 73% Muslim Arabs, 8.6% Christian Arabs and 16.9% Jewish (mainly immigrants).
      December: L French, UK development director, publishes a report about Palestinian Arabs who lost their land thanks to Zionist settlements

      UK foreign minister issues a report concerning the need to re-settle Palestinian farmers who were expelled from their lands in favor of Zionist immigrants

      In 1974, the General Assembly reaffirmed the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination, national independence and sovereignty, and the right to return to their homes and land.

      - February: Land ownership rules according to British 1939 white paper enforced as a measure to stop a Zionist take over.
      1940 - 1945
      - Over 60,000 Zionist/Jewish immigrants enter Palestine (over 20,000 'illegally' as determined by Britain who controlled borders). Jewish/Zionist percentage rises to 31
      . 1946
      100,000 more immigrants enter Palestine and the land ownership regulations aimed at preventing a Jewish take over were cancelled.December 17: Jewish Agency executive body announces that American Jews should pay 250 million US$ to help the Zionists in Palestine
      - December 21 - March 1948: Zionist organizations Irgon and Haganah start coastal ethnic cleansing of Palestinian villages
      January 14: The Haganah, Zionist terror organisation stockpiles arms, mainly imported from Czechoslovakia, including artillery, machine guns, ammunition and 25 planes.

      In September the International Conference on the Question of Palestine, which was widely attended, adopted inter alia the Geneva Declaration containing the following principles: “the need to oppose and reject the establishment of settlements in the occupied territory and actions taken by Israel to change the status of Jerusalem, the right of all States in the region to existence within secure and internationally recognized boundaries, with justice and security for all the people, and the attainment of the legitimate, inalienable rights of the Palestinian people”.

      “The right of return” is still being denied and land grabs are still taking place by the Israelis in spite of the above resolutions and international pressure on Israel to comply. This obduracy is supported by one nation only, the present United States administration in contrast to the Clinton administration policy which was to oppose the extension of Israeli settlements in the occupied lands.

      The evacuation of Israel from the Gaza strip can be seen as a strategic move which in any case leaves the Palestinians without proper control and a completely uneconomic non-viable situation.

      Is it so hard to understand that all this has provided a vast reservoir of anger, fear and desperation within Palestinians which is driving their actions in the grossly uneven battle against the occupation of their country? Would not any country so treated produce patriots willing to sacrifice their lives against such humiliation and deprivation?

      Is it so hard to understand why the United States is so widely seen as part and parcel of the crime against the Palestinians and hated for it?

      Jewish acts OF TERRORISM
      November: Israeli Stern group assassinates Lord Moyne the British minister sent to negotiate a settlement.
      July 22: Irgun the Zionist terrorist organisation blows up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem killing 91 people (among them British, Palestinian and Jewish employees of the mandate)
      April 9: Deir Yassin massacre. Irgon and Stern terrorists kill 250, civilians in this village in Jerusalem district. Confirmed in an enquiry conducted by Israel, confirmed by the Israeli inelligence services who said the killings were exaggerated, only 120 were killed. This atrocity led to the resignation of the minister of Defence and the dismissal of a military General. The inquiry took place only after international outrage and pressure on Israel for them being tried at an International War Crimes trial. The reason given for destruction of this community was later given, by Israel because the land was wanted for an air strip by the Zionists.
      April 27 - May 5: Irgon and Haganah intensifies shelling and ground offensive on Yafa (Operation Hamlets) leading to expulsion of 50,000 Palestinians
      September 17: Zionist group, Stern, assassinates Bernadotte the British negotiator.
      October 29 - 31: Operation Hiram. Capture of Jalil al-A'ala (Upper Galilee) and advance toward Litani river in Lebanon Israeli massacres in Qalqilya, kafr Qaasim and Khan Yunis. The Israelis have stated that the “Natural Border” of Israel/Lebanon should be the Litani River which would give them more land.
      Israeli invasion of Lebanon; Sabra and Shatila massacre
      Massacres at Iyun Qarah (Rishon LeZion) and Al-Aqsa Mosque
      Hebron massacre

      Arguments can be put forward in contradiction to some of the details stated above but the basic facts are totally incontestable in relation to Palestine these are: -

      The conflict has been caused by the dispossession of Arabs of their country.
      The dispossession has been carried out mainly by European Jews
      The dispossession was justified on religious grounds
      The dispossession took place with the blowing up of The King David Hotel
      The dispossession was carried out without mercy
      The dispossession was carried out by assassinations of police officers and security personnel.
      The dispossession was carried out by the assassination of two negotiators
      The dispossessed remain in a desperate tragic situation
      The dispossessed after years of abortive talks have resorted to violence
      The dispossessed are fighting a much powerful enemy backed by a super power
      Recent United resolutions are being ignored by Israel and the United States

      I have put forward what I believe is the other side of the Palestine/Israel story. It is obviously biased. Israel’s case continues to be more than adequately stated in the corporate mass media without any regard to balance so I do not need to add this imbalance here.

      "From such beginnings of governments, what could be expected, but a continual system of war and extortion?" -- Thomas Paine

      Doug Adam
      Most of the information contained in this post comes from the Microsoft Encarta Enclyopaedia, Wikepedia and The United Nations web site.

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