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  • doug john
    Fellow Posters,   First when I say the U.S. or the U.S.A.  I am referring to the politicians and the elite there. I want to differentiate between those and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2011
      Fellow Posters,
      First when I say the U.S. or the U.S.A.  I am referring to the politicians and
      the elite there. I want to differentiate between those and ordinary American
      To continue,
      When one discusses international affairs with Neo Conservatives, two themes
      always emerge.
      The USA is being picked on unfairly and after all the US is not the only player
      on the world stage so the apologists cry.
      One can say straight away that the US is the main player in the world today in
      fact one could say it dominates the world with an arrogance that is astounding.

      Every time one turns on the T.V. for the news there is rarely an occasion when
      either Obama or Hilary Clinton are not ordering some country or other to do
      their bidding.
      Here are some examples:
      The US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton demands China to explain why it has
      increased its arms expenditure. This when the US expenditure on weapons is
      almost 50% of the total world expenditure whilst China spends only a fraction of
      that amount with miles of hostile borders to defend which is not the case with
      the U.S.

      When the US is arming one side to the teeth in a civil dispute between mainline
      China and Taiwan (which was a part of China.)
       At other times US orders China to change the exchange rate of its currency more
      to the benefit of the U.S. dollar and so it goes on.

      Then we have Obama ordering the leaders of various nations to step down e.g. the
      leaders of Egypt and Libya and otherwise warning other countries to follow
      policies that suit corporate U.S.

      They conduct this bullying always in the shadow of some nuclear armed base or
      nuclear carrier support group, after all that is what the show of military might
      is all about.
      What moral right has Obama to order a change in any government?
      That is why the U.S. is the centre of attention or, if you like, PICKED ON. But
      in reality it is the US that is doing the picking.
      Not only does the U.S. dominate the world militarily it also dominates it
      economically, for when it sneezes the rest of the world gets pneumonia as the
      saying goes.
      This has been proved to be correct, witness the Wall Street meltdown which has
      had and continues to have repercussions all over the world.
      In these circumstances the manner in which the U.S. economy is conducted is the
      concern of the rest of the world and of course more urgently by ordinary working
      But,  we are told do not worry about any  abuses that may occur these are always
      dealt with by the tax collector  (IRS) and/or  The Securities and Exchange
      Commission  (S.E.C.)  and various regulations and controls.
      The problem is Wall Street, the banks, investment brokers and the financial
      institutions had long campaigned to have less controls and regulations which
      they claimed was an impediment to their businesses.
       In this they were spectacularly successful, the controls were relaxed, in some
      cases abandoned which allowed investment brokers such as Madoff and his Ponzi
      Schemes to go undetected because of the environment in which business knew best
      and could regulate it self.

      Madoff would have remained undetected in his unbridled greed had it not been for
      the collapse of the whole economic pack of cards.
      This is what exposed Madoff, not an investigation by the SEC which refused to
      investigate when red flags where flying everywhere and were being brought to the
      attention of the economic watchdog which remained asleep.
      If it had not been for the economic crisis that caused an investment strike so
      to speak that meant no money was coming in at the bottom of the Madoff pyramid
      he probably would have operated indefinitely.
      There were many other scams like Enron, in fact too many to mention here who
      were well thought of by the political elite at the time but who were plundering
      the life savings and retirement nest eggs of ordinary working families.
      The question is should the U.S. rulers be under the international microscope? 
      Too bloody right they should, specially as the GOP and its financial supporters
      are calling for more of that that caused the present economic debacle with loss
      of job and homes of ordinary American working families.
      Ordinary American folk have to be less trusting of their politicians who in the
      majority of cases are owned and controlled by the plunderers of the wealth of
      the nation revealed by the ever widening of the wealth gap.
      This vigilance is needed to protect jobs, wages and conditions and the security
      of their investment in their homes

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