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YOUR OWN SUCCESS FORMULA...Read on to find out!

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  • Gracey
    Allow me to share with you the secret to living a happy life. I have been given the privileged to have a conversation with Jack Zufelt.It was July and I was
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2010
      Allow me to share with you the secret to living a happy life.
      I have been given the privileged to have a conversation with Jack
      Zufelt.It was July and I was one of the participants of a Southeast
      Asian Convention which was held in Singapore. He is a world-renowned
      speaker and trainor and author of the best-selling book, The DNA of
      Success. Yes, you are correct, it is not only the human body that has
      DNA. Success comprises a DNA, some sort of code or formula for people
      who is successful and if you want to be successful in any endeavor, you
      must know the DNA of Success.
      I just wanted to have his picture taken as a souvenir.Yet, he offered to
      me that I should also be included in the picture with him. He
      enthusiastically told me so because I told him he was my idol and he was
      happy (he is such a humble and charming man) It was always a nice
      feeling having to know a very successful person face-to-face. Jack
      Zufelt was one of my mentors. He became an inspiration to me especially
      when I came back to Singapore for a month to meet friends and to look
      for opportunities in introducing a perfect business to my acquaintances
      there. When I feel a low-down, I relive Jack Zufelt's words of business
      wisdom into my head.
      Here's a snippet of information from the DNA of Success:
      Jack said,in every person's success lies the right attitude. If one
      doesn't have a success attitude, he/she can start digging into his/her
      core desire. Now I love this "core desire" thing because in reality, you
      cannot bend a person's core desire that easily. A person's core desire
      will dictate naturally his/her course of actions consciously and
      subconsciously. For example, back when I was still hunting for a 9 to 6
      job in Singapore, my deepest desire is to have a job in Sales of
      prestigious serviced apartment company. I did all I could to pass the
      interview even the practical exam. I did not have any experience in
      Sales much more I would be dealing with top Executives and owners of big
      and international companies. I Was nervous back then, however, my core
      desire kept reminding me, I have to get the position. And so I took the
      necessary preparation for the job interview. I practiced talking to
      myself in the mirror. I even bought a nice smart-looking glasses to make
      me look mature. (because alot of people tell me I look like 18 years
      old!) To cut the story short, I got the position. My lady boss at that
      time who was a French lady called me that night on the day I took the
      interview and the practical exam.
      Our core desires dictates our actions which in turn gives us a result.
      So tell me right now, what is your core desire? Once you know your core
      desire, take advantage of it for you to become succesful.Core desire is
      the heart of all things great.Once you know your "core desire", it is
      time for you to get the right "direction". There are many ways in which
      you can get the right direction. You can either read a book or listen to
      audio book of people you admire and want to become. For example, if you
      want to become a great dancer, you should learn the ways of a great
      professional dancer you mostly admire. Learn his/her ways even his
      attitude towards dancing. If you want to become a successful
      entrepreneur, read books on entrepreneurship, attend courses and
      seminars focusing on starting on how to become a successful
      entrepreneur.Be keen into listening to people around you. You only
      listen to people who are doing it well, who have done it and who have
      done it greatly.
      According to Jack Zufelt, the best way to get "direction" is to find a
      good mentor, then copy him or her. Acquire his/her honorable traits.
      Think what they think. Act as they act and do what they do with the same
      attitude that they have.
      Getting good direction is essential part to get to your dreams and wants
      in life. Are you ready to take action to get to your dreams?

      If you are the type of person who has a strong will and desire to
      succeed, I invite you to log on for free to our Success Library:
      <http://www.ca2020.net/group/SuccessLibrary.com> where you can read and
      learn more about successful people and attitudes of Success and get a
      chance to meet like-minded people.
      ________________________________________________________NOTE: Create
      Abundance 2020 Community is a group of entrepreneurs and aspiring
      entrepreneurs. It is a non-stock and non-profit association under the
      laws of the Republic of the Philippines. Its sole mission is to spread
      financial education throughout the nation and the world for its vision
      to have a first-world nation. The purpose for which is to establish
      centers for entrepreneurship in all provinces of the Philippines that
      will be a venue to train new breed of Filipino entrepreneurs; to
      eradicate malnutrition in thePhilippines by partnering with
      thegovernment sector and private sectors; to create income generating
      and livelihood programs and lastly, to provide world-class business
      training for future leaders of this country.

      To join its mission, log on for free at

      http://www.ca2020.net/ <http://www.ca2020.net/>

      ( An invite by Gracey Cuento

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