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779[Atheisthaven] Re: Atheist society in S'pore?

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  • karl_popper05
    Jan 1, 2006
      You need to regulate yourself John. You are acting like an "atheist
      fundie". As long as such accusations exist, I can not help myself but
      to castigate your logic. I must react objectively againts such
      notions directed to some people even if you say I am not included in

      Regarding about the EB. I personally considered it as great. I will
      cherish it. It is reverberating those wonderful moments with you
      guys. I am not that too talkative in person. Longing for those
      moments when were together, at last, personally. However, in those
      moments, deep inside me, I love being with you guys. Such conscious
      people(including me) on fundamental meanings of/in life. I believe
      that we will be having again such get together in the futures to come
      but it does not help me that idea into feeling quite sad when we're
      parting ways. We may meet once, twice, thrice...but it gives me this
      human feeling of deep longing with those wonderful moments in the EB.
      Every moment is unique in itself. Every event. Every happening. It
      can never be repeated again. Such ideas should drive us into more
      passionate and profound consideration of things within our grasp for
      perhaps...perhaps...that moment..was just the moment that you have
      it..but ne'er..you cant get hold forever. Friendship looms. That is
      the better and clearer phenomenon then this bombastic creation of
      pseudo-nonsense equally quais religious movment or cause. We should
      not fall into same foolishness twice. once is enough to suffer in
      such case for thinkers like us. The movement should be friendship .
      No matter what is our philosophies in life.

      sinabi ni john, walang nangyayari sa group na ito. Puro lan daw
      salita. I think, that kind of reactionary is founded on some
      misunderstanding on the meaning of the philosophy of atheism and of
      this affinity among intellectual minded people that develops into
      friendships. For example, if a case I am gifted with great charisma
      to attact people and it happens that I am an atheist, It is not my
      vision into organizing such atheistic-group. This is a
      misunderstanding of philosophy of atheism, of friendships, and
      individual humans possessing such intellectual abilities. however, if
      john's ultimate purpose is to create such group( in the philippines),
      that is his personal mission and right. However, he's totally
      ignorant if he is accusing that this "pinoy atheists" group is
      talking blah blah nonsense. this group need not to organize atheism
      movement so limited its purpose into preaching the doctrines of
      atheism. This group is laid for intellectual people who loves sharing
      and/or discussing fundamental things in life. These things are not
      necessarily "sweet nothings". If john has his own brand of atheism, I
      must say, let it confine to his own categorical personal perspective
      about atheism. Example, john's understanding and life of an
      atheist/atheism is different to mine. However, in no way that his
      understanding or cause for atheism is superior to mine even if what I
      am just doing is observing this world as an atheist and putting them
      down into writings. the accusations of John become too bitter even if
      they were not directed to me, I have this personal task of exposing
      such fallacies into redeeming friends' position in the issue....

      -- In pinoy_atheists@yahoogroups.com, "pinoy_infidel"
      <kujira_n12@y...> wrote:
      > To others who are not members of that other list where it was
      posted, it was our dear
      > friend John who wrote that right before the EB(?), and after that
      he showed up in the EB
      > and even managed to shake the hands of the "pinoy atheists" that he
      was talking about
      > just a few hours ago. But of course, maybe you already know who is
      the usual suspect. As
      > of this moment, I am now in ignore-mode, he can say what he wanted
      to say in other
      > forums under his free speech rights but lying will not be one of
      those protected rights, so
      > it may still not be the end after all. Anyway, i will not counter
      him anymore. I know already
      > what species he is. Ho-hum.
      > pinoy_infidel
      > --- In piRomeo Macapobre <romeo.macapobre@g...> wrote:
      > >
      > > > most "pinoy atheists" are like dogs with their tail curl below
      their smelly ass.
      > >
      > > you go around smelling peoples asses?
      > >
      > > --
      > > apprenons francais [rmacapobre-french.blogspot.com].
      > > apprenons max [rmacapobre.blogspot.com].
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