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7173Re: One Year Since the Phil Blog Awards Row

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  • butchsilverio
    Apr 1, 2008
      Benj, you have my deepest sympathies.
      But this is certainly not an uncommon thing here in our blessed
      islands. We enjoy, despite our utter failure to appreciate it, the
      gift of a majority of thousands upon thousands of the truly faithful,
      who would dutifully take it upon themselves to safeguard the souls of
      unknowing fools like you and me. And we do owe our souls to them, for
      how else could we possibly enter Heaven, if not through the humble
      acceptance of Our Lord Jesus Christ through his Humble Servants upon
      this Earth, as set forth in the Holy Bible, as the sole source of our
      Dost thou not see what lies plainly before thine unworthy eyes?
      Repent, heathen, before it is too late!
      AS for myself, I have already come to terms with my own unworthiness.
      I fear I have nothing more to look forward to in life, or beyond it,
      than whatever little beer I may stumble upon before I depart this
      miserable foil.
      And so I set forth to stumble wherever I may, but certainly in the
      direction of Polaris street, Makati. One thousand and one beers, I
      recall the sign said. I fully understand why our dear own pinoy
      infidel has been so apologetic lately.
      PS. I remember having read in the papers today that in the present
      world population, the Muslims now outnumber the Christians,
      apparently because they are procreating more efficiently than
      Christians. Well, with priests more interested now in little boys
      than little girls, what else might one expect? Perhaps we were better
      off with 19th century Spanish friars and their Doctrina Christiana.
      On second thought, perhaps one should rethink the foregoing bitter

      --- In pinoy_atheists@yahoogroups.com, "Benj Espina"
      <swingonthespiral@...> wrote:
      > I dunno if people outside the greater realm of the blog community
      > aware of this, but if you missed it:
      > Original post - http://www.atheista.net/?p=218
      > Anniversary post - http://www.atheista.net/?p=567
      > Benj
      > http://atheista.net
      > http://visitsagada.com
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