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5445Re: [pinoy_atheists] spread atheism or espouse tolerance?

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  • Jonathan Francisco
    Feb 1, 2007
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      Does anybody have connections with Studio 23's Y-SPEAK

      Can we suggest this topic to them for debate
      especially now that the elections are coming and the
      superstitionists are (as so often) sticking their nose
      where it doesn't belong? I mean like 10 commandments
      for voting or choosing a candidate and of course many

      That's just off my head... :)


      --- Tony Basa <paetenian@...> wrote:

      > It's been a long time since this has been last
      > asked. Are you for
      > spreading atheism by openly engaging the
      > religionists in debates or
      > are you for live-and-let-live approach?
      > When it comes to religion, I used to think that
      > "live and let live" is
      > a nice approach that avoids direct confrontation
      > with the believers
      > but if the belief is so stupid, I am for the open
      > engagement, or
      > on/about areas where religionist thoughts hold sway.
      > Philippine
      > society is soaked in religion and superstition even
      > now that letting
      > the religionists and superstitionists run the show
      > is not good for our
      > general health as a nation. I hope slowly we can
      > weigh in on the
      > public debate concerning policies that have basis on
      > theism but that
      > affect us all nonetheless.
      > Tony

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