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3799Re: [pinoy_atheists] Re: PERCEPTIONS OF FUNDAMETALISM

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  • doug john
    Aug 1, 2006
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      Thank you for your post I appreciate it.

      I do not think the American state is fundamentalist nor do I think the funding the Taliban made the US a fundamentalist state. I was trying to make the point that there is a perception that the so called war on terror is a war between Moslem fundamentalism and Christianity, I do not believe that because the United States will support fundamentalist Islam if it suits its stategic aims and that some times its support of terrible fundamentalist regimes like the Taliban has that support turned against in military actions. Indonesian government which is Moslem Fundamentalist if ever there was one, was described by Clinton as being "Our kind of guys" when the Suharto regime was carrying out the mass murder of thousands of its ethnic Chinese citizens. The best source on this topic is the book "Un Holy Wars" by John Cooley

      I do believe that the American culture is fundamentalist but I suppose it all depends on what one means by "fundamentalist" as you say, but I see the fact that in surveys the majority of Americans say they believe in the Creation story, they say they believe in the ten commandments, if asked the majority know only about three, but belief in the story of Adam and Eve would seem to me to be fairly fundamental.

      It seems to me that quite a lot of American Politicians end their speeches with God Bless You and God Bless America. Would that not indicate that the politicians believe it does them no harm within American culture to utter prayers? Would it not indicate that Americans accept Christianity as part of the culture? Then there is the massive support in terms of audiences that fundamentalist Christian Sects attract and the large facilities they have and the money that flows to them. The most popular TV channel Fox News has Bill O'Reilly raging against any suggestion that religous symbols be removed from public funded buildings. He hates the move of some retail outlets, presumably with customers of several religions, using Happy Holiday instead of Merry Christmas.He appears to get a lot of support for that.

      I think that makes the culture fundamentalist. I may be wrong and you may be right it is just a matter of opinion in the end.

      Thank you again for your opinion,

      Doug Adam

      Misterrific <ba2gan74@...> wrote:
      "An opinion of course based on information taken from numerous
      atheist sites in the US."

      I see. Are these information factual or opinions as well? I'm not
      saying that opinions are bad. We can learn a lot from opinions
      provided that they are logical and sound. I can entertain the opinion
      about the US having a fundamentalist culture, if it is logical. But I
      just don't see how we can arrive at that notion (US having a
      fundamentalist culture) based on the arguments you previously
      presented. For instance, I don't see how having a client with a
      fundamentalist culture make the US a fundamentalist culture country.
      I don't see how assisting a fundy group like the Taliban would make
      the US a fundy state. Moreover, I don't see how the present 'War on
      Terror' being blamed on Fundamentalist America, if we really haven't
      established yet that the US truly has a fundamentalist culture.

      I guess the heart of the matter is, what makes a fundamentalist a
      fundamentalist? Now based on the definition (whatever it might be),
      how would that qualify the US culture as a fundamentalist?

      Sorry, I don't think the examples you stated to support your opinion
      can hold water as they seem to fail a logical flow – your conclusion
      does not follow from your premises.

      I would agree that the US culture isn't perfect, but I don't think
      it's imperfections would qualify it to be a fundamentalist culture.

      "May I suggest you visit some of those site for a more expanded view?"

      Sure. I guess there's no harm in reading more views about this
      matter. Thanks for offering to share your references.


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