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3488Govft urged to pay Echegarayfs kin (was Re: Abolishing the death penalty)

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  • tekton12
    Jun 12, 2006
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      One way to improve the present judicial system (to make sure that
      the person accused is really the culprit) is to require all
      Filipinos to submit biological samples of themselves so that a DNA
      database can be established. Newborns should be "genetically
      fingerprinted" at birth. The police can then use this database to
      compare it with specimens obtained from crime scenes and thereby
      establish the identity of criminals. Come to think of it, this is
      even better than the national ID system. ID photos can be faked.
      Genetic material is iron clad. Of course, the idea of a DNA database
      is Orwellian, and many people oppose it.

      But we have choices to make here. If we want to ensure that only the
      truly guilty are caught and the innocent are freed, then this
      database is a step in the right direction and we should support its
      creation. Are we willing to take this step? If this makes us uneasy
      and we oppose this database, then we are left with a flawed judicial
      system wherein misidentification is rampant and miscarriage of
      justice is the inevitable result. We will never know for sure that
      the person on death row deserves to be there. And even if the death
      penalty is abolished, we will still not know for certain if the
      person rotting in jail deserves to be there in the first place.
      Changing the form of punishment will not solve the problem of
      miscarriage of justice. You are simply rearranging chairs on the


      --- In pinoy_atheists@yahoogroups.com, "pinoy_infidel"
      <paetenian@...> wrote:
      > He was convicted. But it seems that capital punishment was not
      > supposed to be meted to him because of the "fact" that the girl
      > he raped was not his daughter or something like that. A crucial
      > that the court failed to established. Silly enough, if the girl is
      > his own, then the crime is not considered "heinous". I forgot to
      > inlcude the link to the story but I found this one instead:
      > http://news.inq7.net/nation/index.php?index=1&story_id=78660
      > Tony
      > --- In pinoy_atheists@yahoogroups.com, "Romeo Macapobre"
      > <romeo.macapobre@> wrote:
      > >
      > > i didnt know echegaray was eventually found innocent.
      > > what overturned the case. i have not been following the news ..
      > > why are we (the public) paying for their mistakes.
      > >
      > > max
      > >
      > > 2006/6/11, pinoy_infidel <paetenian@>:
      > > > Govft urged to pay Echegarayfs kin
      > > > SC eerrorf sparks call for compensation
      > > > FOR playing God, the government must pay.
      > > > In what could be the most expensive gI am sorryh gesture the
      > > > government could make, Senate Minority Leader and anti-death
      > > > advocate Aquilino Pimentel Jr. yesterday suggested an amount of
      > > > between P5 million and P10 million as compensation to the
      family of
      > > > Leo Echegaray for his gwrongful death.h
      > >
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      > > apprenons francais [rmacapobre-french.blogspot.com].
      > > apprenons max [rmacapobre.blogspot.com].
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